Water – Elixir of Life – is required for both humans and all living beings on earth.  Water has to be conserved as the natural sources are getting depleted due to various factors which affect the same, viz. climate changes, global warming, pollution from industries, floods, and natural calamities.

Most of the water has to be treated for reuse, as it’s polluted by various activities which are man-made. Waste water needs to be treated prior to reuse. Releasing water back into the water cycle requires appropriate treatment in wastewater and water treatment plants.


The most important aspects of wastewater purification involve reducing energy requirements and appropriately controlling the water supply. Each customer has specific needs and requests that should be acknowledged. Whether desalinating seawater, treating drinking water and wastewater, or managing water networks and water transportation – intelligent automation products and systems as well as energy-efficient drive solutions and comprehensive services provide the right solutions.

The level of contamination of domestic and industrial wastewater differs greatly – chemically, biologically, and with regard to solid matter. Water treatment plants perform the essential function of removing contaminants and returning clean water to the usage cycle. It is to be understood that the complex and often energy-intensive processes that wastewater must undergo before it reaches the required purity level.


Israel’s solutions increase nutrient removal capacity in water and wastewater treatment plants, offering enhanced utilization of existing reactors and unique efficiencies in the implementation of new ones. From process design through project supervision and all the way to full turn-key and financing solutions, Israel provides industry professionals with a variety of solutions for every need. A diverse portfolio of integrated solutions features a complementing set of technologies for effective, robust, cost-efficient, and small-footprint end-to-end solutions. These range from containerized fully comprehensive water and wastewater treatment units to large-scale high-end applications meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements.


Awareness and drastic steps need to be implemented to adhere strictly to the measures taken by Government to save water.  Cape Town, the capital city of South Africa w.e.f. April 14th onwards have declared their inefficiency in providing drinking water to their citizens.


India may benefit from the experience and technology; Israel and Israeli technologies have to offer in these areas. For further information, relevant contacts are invited to be in touch with the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate in Bengaluru.

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