The Economic & Commercial Mission in association with the All India Management Association (AIMA) organized a CEOs delegation to Israel in the month of February 2023.  AIMA is the national apex body of the management profession in India and has members from the top leading business organizations throughout India.


The delegation was organized as a 4-day visit to cover various regions and business opportunities in Israel, starting from associations, cleantech companies, venture capitalists, data analytics, renewable energy, cyber security, drones, agriculture, mobility, etc.


The whole visit provided a taste of different opportunities in Israel for Indian businesses. The delegation went really well as all the delegates were satisfied with the shortlisted companies and the meetings. They had a total of 17 business meetings along with 10 meetings with a key focus on relationship building between the countries.


The meeting on first day went great as SNC presented to them a detailed view of the Israeli ecosystem and various startups operating in the same which was quite interesting for the delegates. It was followed by a meeting with Solutum which presented their revolutionary technology as an alternative to single-use plastics. They took the delegates for a tour where they showed their raw material, and shared knowledge on the same. Many of the delegates expressed interest to work with them for the use of their product in their industries.


The met with Team8 which is a startup accelerator firm. They presented multiple companies under their portfolio, which are at different levels of funding. One of such company was 40seas which specialises in cross-border transactions. They are replacing the traditional methods used for such transactions like letter of credit, loans, etc.


Another Innovative company they met on the first day was SparkBeyond. The company is providing a new way to analyse vast data sets of companies into concise and fruitful information for identifying the operational issues and opportunities for growth. The meeting went extremely well as most of the delegates interacted with the team and started business discussions right away.


Day second started with witnessing the strength of Israel via a visit to IronDome. The site used for defensive measures clearly showcased the efficiency and preparedness of Israel to tackle any threat to the nation’s security.


Followed by a meeting with Prytek, and one of their portfolio company ThriveDX. ThriveDX, is currently providing vast scope of educational courses for everyone on the risks involved with Cyber Security and the measures to counter them. Their courses are available for multiple type of users, like technical or non-technical employees.


The day also consisted of a visit to Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, founded in 1996 by the late President of Israel, Shimon Peres. The center displayed the contribution of Israel in various day-to-day objects like USBs to medical devices which can cure cancer. It also showcased the history and struggles of Israel to the delegates which raised the respect for Israel.


The last meeting was with H.E. Sanjeev Kumar Singla, Ambassador of India to Israel. He discussed the Israeli culture, similarities between the countries, and opportunities of collaboration.


On Day third we visited to IL-CERT where the delegates saw the operations of the Israeli Cyber Emergency Response Team and their control center. The visit was fruitful as it clearly presented the different technologies used together to ensure maximum security and protection to the citizens against cyber-crimes. Also, the visit to Israel National Drone Initiative (INDI) site, was enjoyed by all the delegates as it included a very futuristic way of logistics and transportation.

The visit included overview of their surveillance room with presentation and simulation of the tasks. The Simulation helped delegates to understand the operations and difficulties involved with such mode of travel/logistics. The visit also included presentations from various Israeli companies in the field.


Lastly, the fourth day, started with a meeting with H.E. Nir Barkat, Minister of Economy & Industry, Ohad Cohen, Trade Commissioner & Director of Foreign Trade Administration of the opportunities of collaboration between the two countries like agriculture, aquaculture, lack of work force in Israel, etc.


The day progressed with the meetings with Orcam, and Mobileye. Orcam’s technology is innovative and unique, while Mobileye was strongly seen as a tough competitor for autonomous vehicle companies around the globe. Lastly, the last meeting of the visit was scheduled with OurCrowd, which mentioned the opportunity for Israeli companies in India and how much Indian companies are starting to value them. They also shared the services and support they can provide to the Indian companies via their platform. Followed by a presentation from Largix, which allows manufacturers to produce on-demand custom-made products with a higher efficiency at a significantly competitive price. This giant-format Additive Production System (APS) can create room-size objects, using common polymers like polyethylene and polypropylene.


The delegation met the expectations of all the participants and it feels great to be the officer behind the execution. For more information about this delegation or opportunities in Israel, please connect with



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