Pheno.AI ( launched the Human Phenotype Project to collect, organize, analyze and make accessible a unique global dataset containing the world’s deepest phenotype multi-omic, longitudinal data. Such data will transform human health such that diseases can be potentially predicted and prevented, treatments can be personalized, drug development costs will be decreased, and many more.

An initial cohort of 10,000 individuals has already been profiled in Israel and the Human Phenotype Project is now expanding to the Emirates, Japan, Denmark & Australia, to diversify the genetics and lifestyle of its ground-breaking datasets. All data collected globally will contribute to the Human Phenotype Project database and be accessible by researchers using the secured and anonymized Pheno.AI data platform. Academic and non-commercial researchers can access the data free of charge.

Pheno.AI’s data is already being used by Big Pharma companies in their drug discovery & development processes.

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