When it comes to Drones and UAVs, whether they are for military or commercial use, Israel is considered a powerhouse. As reported by Isreal21c, Israel is the world’s largest exporter of military drones and now the Startup Nation is also becoming equally well known for the development of commercial drones and related technologies. Startup Nation Central’s official website shows 144 startups in Israel focusing on civilian needs. Here are the profiles of some of the interesting ones:

Airobotics: Airobotics is the developer of a pilotless drone solution and offers an end-to-end, fully automated platform for collecting aerial data and gaining valuable insights. Its industrial-grade platform is available on-site and on-demand, enabling industrial facilities to quickly, safely, and efficiently access premium aerial data. The team at Airobotics aims to address the needs of complex industrial environments, including mining, seaports, and oil and gas. Airobotics was recognized with the 2018 Global New Product Innovation Award for its completely autonomous drone platform.

Percepto: Percepto develops on-site autonomous drone solutions for critical infrastructure and industrial sites. With no need for human intervention, Percepto’s autonomous Sparrow drones perform multiple missions around the clock. The company’s solution is suitable for any large-scale enterprise seeking to improve security, increase productivity, and reduce safety risks and operational costs. Percepto can help organizations become better aware of events taking place, allowing them to be proactive and efficient in addressing risks and operational needs. The Percepto Solution is currently in use worldwide, including at a number of Fortune 500 organizations.

EdgybeesEdgyBees offers a solution designed to bring full visibility and understanding to any dynamic scene by creating collaborative virtual versions of complex environments. The company’s augmented real-time intelligence fuses computer vision, multi-sensor data analytics, and 3D video generation to provide a simple visual layer of highly accurate, real-time information. The company is currently operational in a myriad of sectors including public safety, military and defense, industrial, automotive, and media and entertainment.

Solar Drone: Solar Drone is developing fully autonomous drone-based technology to clean solar panels in any topography, including rooftops, mountains, and floating photovoltaics. The technology, “Drone in a Box,” allows the drone to refill its water tank and replace the battery and other payloads as needed. The RainMaker1 drone has additional capabilities beyond cleaning, such as thermal inspection for preventive maintenance, monitoring for real-time alerts, security and safety for emergency response, construction for site supervision, animal deterrence against winged animals, and vegetation management to maintain utility right-of-way and growth of vegetation.

Gadfin: Gadfin develops fast, hydrogen-powered drones with a quiet signature for long-range urgent deliveries and preventive maintenance missions. The patented technologies redefine delivery capabilities in terms of flight radius, safety, reliability, and automation. Among Gadfin’s drones is Spirit-One, a long-range delivery drone for 3–6 kg (6–13 lb.) payloads that enables effective delivery of medical and other time-critical supplies at low cost. Gadfin received the first permit from Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority for urban airspace deliveries at the start of 2020, allowing hospitals, laboratories, and diverse organizations and institutions to be linked by drones. The flight network enables the fast and ongoing transfer of refrigerated medical cargo, such as samples, bone marrow, blood tests, blood donations, organs for transplant, and more, all within minutes and at a very low cost.

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