Israel being a powerhouse in medical innovation, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare sector is proving to be a game-changer, revolutionizing various aspects of patient treatment and care. Appscent Medical, EchoCare Technologies, Nuvo Group, Orcanos, Sanolla, VITALERTER are some the AI solutions which are making significant changes in the medical field.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on healthcare is enhancing by Improved Diagnostics, Early Disease Detection, Drug Discovery and Development, Robotic Surgery, Cost Savings and Error reduction in Providing decision support to healthcare providers. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare can undoubtedly lead to significant improvements in patient outcomes and overall healthcare efficiency.

The Most Amazing Israeli Medical Advances are:


Appscent Medical



 Category: Artificial Intelligence, Remote Monitoring

Contactless Respiratory Solution for Sleep Apnea 

Appscent Medical Ltd. develops a non-invasive novel device intended for reducing sleep apnea events in adults through monitoring patient’s respirations. Scentific™ is a bedside apparatus for real time home sleep apnea relief. Once an apnea state is detected, the therapy apparatus dispenses a scent towards the user which reawakens the respiratory system. The scent dispensing regimen is personalized for each user who is oblivious to the monitoring and alleviation process.

This is a technology covered by numerous patents with innovative therapeutic technology licensed from the Weizmann Institute. We offer a personalized, home-based monitoring and reduction of sleep apnea events through a contact-less, AI/ML, technology platform.



EchoCare Technologies


 Category: Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support Systems Remote Monitoring

Non-wearable home monitoring system for remote elderly and patients care 

EchoCare offers a remote healthcare monitoring system for seniors and patients who live at home or assisted living facilities. The non-wearable, non-invasive system detects acute situations, such as falling, respiratory distress and bathtub drowning, and monitors activities of daily living to identify the need for early intervention. The proprietary radar-based system with its enhanced AI/ML engines is connected to the cloud to enable remote access to the dashboard, connectivity to third-party systems and remote upgrades.

EchoCare partners with remote patient care and eldercare service providers to offer superior monitoring capabilities, promoting the benefits of homecare without privacy invasion.



Nuvo Group


 Category: Artificial Intelligence, Remote Monitoring Telemedicine Solutions

Nuvo is transforming the world of pregnancy care 

The FDA-cleared, remote pregnancy monitoring and management platform is allowing pregnant patients and clinicians greater control and flexibility through their pregnancy journey. By allowing for greater adherence to care guidelines, improving care access and equity, and providing care from anywhere, INVU is changing how high-risk pregnancy care is conducted.

Additionally, the underlying data we collect feeds proprietary AI engines that will allow us to not only transform how care is delivered today, but give us insights and predictive power into the potential outcomes that can occur throughout a pregnancy in the future.





Category: Artificial Intelligence Decision Support Systems, Web/Internet Solutions

SAAS Compliance Lifecycle Management Software for ALM & QMS 

While there are multiple players in the ALM, PLM, and QMS arena, they all offer SEPARATE software modules that do not communicate with each other Orcanos is the only vendor today enabling a unified, R&D, Quality, and Compliance management solution for preventive development management (vs. corrective) for the regulated industry including Medical devices & Pharma.






Category: Artificial Intelligence Decision Support Systems, Point of Care Diagnostics

Smart AI-Infrasound auscultation diagnostic solutions for physicians and patient self-assessment 

Sanolla provides medical professionals and patients with the first smart, patented infrared-based diagnostic devices for cardiopulmonary diseases. The VoqXTM is a smart stethoscope that uses infrasound technology and AI disease classifiers to help clinicians diagnose and screen for aortic stenosis, aortic regurgitation, mitral regurgitation, pneumonia, asthma, myocardial infarction, and other conditions. PyXyTM provides chronic patients with peace of mind by detecting exacerbations in CHF, OPD, and asthma. Both devices’ classifiers use the full spectrum of body sound information, allowing patients to receive better treatment and exceeds quality of care.





 Category: Artificial Intelligence, Remote Monitoring Wearables & IOT

Reinvent Elderly Care and Patient Safety with Contact-free Remote Patient Monitoring and Preventive Alert System

VITALERTER has designed a cost effective contactless remote patient monitoring, and preventive alert platform that uses IoT biosensors and AI algorithms to monitor patients’ well-being 24/7, predict, and alert on health deterioration and irregular behaviors.

The company’s VITALS solution is adopted by hundreds of long-term care institutions and hospitals worldwide, and proved to help reduce fall incidents and pressure ulcer injuries by over 75% and hospital readmissions by 40%.

Vitalerter recently introduced Bio-Patch, an all-in-one continuous monitoring biosensor that measures patients’ core body temperature, SPo2, ECG, HR, body posture, indoor geolocation and alerts care staff on fall incidents as well as on abnormal situations to help prevent adverse events before they happen, provide a safer environment for vulnerable patients and improve care efficiency.



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