RedDress, an Israeli startup ( has created a BANDAGE made from the blood of the Patient to heal life-threatening wounds that the body cannot fix by itself. The solution stimulates the healing process, all by using the blood of the Patient to make a clot outside the body.

The treatment known as ActiGraft Pro takes small amount of blood to create an external blood clot using a patented method. The process needs about 20ml of blood. The clot is created inside a case by mixing the blood and unique formula of RedDress. After few minutes, the mixture converts into the clot and can be removed from the case. The clot is then applied directly onto the non-healing wounds which stimulates the growth of cells that are needed for repair.

Derived from Patient’s own blood, the ActiGraft Pro whole blood clot is embedded with essential wound healing elements such as red blood cells, platelets, proteins, minerals, macrophages, clotting factors, electrolytes, bound within a natural fibrin scaffold. Once applied to the wound site, ActiGraft Pro reactivates the body’s natural healing cascade and serves as a protective covering that supports the body’s healing process accelerating the process of Patient’s recovery.

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