The poultry industry is booming and has undergone a paradigm shift in operation from a backyard activity to a major commercial Agri-based industry over a period of four decades.  The poultry production in India continues to exhibit spectacular growth in spite of several challenges. With increasing demand for chicken egg and meat, the poultry production in India foresees further expansion and industrialization. With the advent of knowledge in different fields of poultry, the future challenges will not be a hindrance and thus sees a bright future for poultry production in this country as issued by the Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad.

In this regard, three Israeli startups are working towards commercialization but equally innovative technologies to support the hatcheries industries to end the male chick slaughter and reduce other related expenses.  Every year, billions of male chicks/hatchlings are terminated thru various means of culling which is unpleasant but the problem persists due to lack of innovative solutions.

Soos Technology

Soos Technology smart tray expose vibrations during the first six days of embryo development.  This sound does not have any effect on the female chicks.

Mr. Alon Gozlan, VP-BD says that their treatment is safe for the embryos and does not involve any form of genetic modification or hormonal intervention.

EggXYT -Gender-detectable eggs

The Company uses gene editing tool CRISPR to edit the genes of chicken.  Any male eggs laid, would light up when checked up by an ultrasound device and the same would be removed and sold to non-food industries like pharma or cosmetics.  The male eggs are removed so that no cost/resource is involved in incubating them.

Poultry by Huminn 

Poultry by Huminn is founded on molecular biology technology licensed from the Israeli government’s Volcani Institute Agricultural Research Organization. The Company has completed a proof of concept experiment and Ms. Yaarit Weinberg, CEO has stated that this is the only chicken in the world which hatches only female chicks. Golda, the name of the hen created thru genomic editing has to be implemented into commercial layer lines and is scalable.

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