The Digital era has opened various opportunities to deliver Healthcare Services to patients at the comfort of their homes, offices or wherever they are, through any mobile device, without requiring a presence of Doctors or Healthcare Providers in the loop. For millions of people that live in distance from or in scarcity of healthcare resources and services, the growing spread of smartphones creates new possibilities to improve healthcare services access and quality of life. Remote Monitoring, Medical Apps, Telemedicine, mHealth, Electronic Medical Records, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Medical Things, Wearables etc can be incorporate into Digital Health or Health Information Technologies.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is the technology to monitor Patients outside of conventional Clinics, such as in their Homes or in a Remote area, which increases Access to Care and decreases Healthcare Delivery Costs. It involves the constant remote care of Patients by their Doctors, mostly to know the Physical Symptoms, Chronic Conditions, or Post-hospitalization rehabilitation.

It allows the Patients to use Mobile Medical Devices to gather Health Data and directly forward it to Healthcare Professionals. Once the data is collected it is sent to a Doctor’s Clinic by using a Telehealth System or the Software application which can be installed on a Smartphone, PC or Tablet. Doctors can check Vital Signs, Weight, Blood pressure and Heart rate.

Both Doctor and Patient can access the RPM record anytime from anywhere. For Doctors instantaneous access is helpful in making Accurate Health Decisions and improves Clinical operations.

Some Innovative Israeli Remote Patient Monitoring Devices/Technologies include:



AI remote patient monitoring platform, measuring 13 vital signs and triggering early clinical intervention

Biobeat’s remote patient monitoring health-AI platform includes a wearable monitor which utilize a photoplethysmography-based (PPG) sensor to continuously provide accurate patient readings of 13 health parameters, including cuffless blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and more. Aggregated patient health data is viewed by medical staff via Biobeat’s secure cloud-based patient management platform, which utilizes real-time early warning score system that incorporates advanced AI-based algorithms to provide alerts on patient health status and potential deterioration. Biobeat’s wearable devices are the first devices to be FDA-Cleared for cuffless non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and are also CE Mark certified.



CE Marked medical watch for long-term and continuous vital signs monitoring and arrhythmias detection

The CardiacSense medical watch is a first of its kind CE Marked wearable device for longterm and continuous medical-grade monitoring watch that enables remote patient vital signs monitoring and continuous detection of Atrial Fibrillation and additional heart arrhythmias.

The watch’s unique IP-protected sensors provide a wide range of body measurements such as Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature including single lead spot-check ECG that can generate and share standard ECG strips upon request, alerting chronic patients’ deterioration detection, reduce readmissions and improve user’s quality of life.


Donisi Health

Contact-Free Multiparameter Cardiopulmonary Health Detection – FDA Cleared.

Donisi changes the lives of seniors and those with chronic cardiopulmonary diseases, freeing them to focus on living life to the fullest.

Donisi’s contact-free, in-home health sensing system provides measurement and trend information for key cardiopulmonary health indicators simultaneously – notifying patients when measurements deviate from personalized norms.

FDA cleared, backed by 26 granted patents, Donisi’s system consists detects 9 cardiac and pulmonary health indicators via a table-top device, health cloud, mobile app and patient dashboard.



Simple and accurate contactless human vital signs monitoring 

Staffing shortages across the healthcare ecosystem has turned into a crisis. In addition, the desire to shift towards home-based care has driven the need for a better remote patient monitoring platform.

Current solutions only offer spot checks and require patients to manipulate devices or receive caregiver assistance. Neteera’s sensing platform addresses these needs with a continuous, contactless, passive vital signs, and bio-data monitoring solution. It eliminates the need for device manipulation, removal of clothing, and caregiver presence. Neteera’s technology is maintenance-free and camera-free.

We improve care and ultimately reduce healthcare costs and enable optimal comfort for the patients.


Sensible Medical

Non-Invasive Lung Fluid Diagnostic device for proper managing of Heart-Failure Patients

ReDS™ medical radar technology for lung fluid measurement, originated in defense see-through wall technology, that is used to find survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings. Sensible Medical has adapted this technology for medical use by using it over clothes to see through the tissue “walls” and inside the lung. ReDS measurement takes only 45 seconds and is currently used worldwide in hospital, at the clinic or even at the patient’s home.


Sivan Innovation

Moovcare® is a medical app for the follow-up of lung cancer patients.

Sivan provides innovative digital therapeutic for the follow up of cancer patients. Sivan developed Moovcare®, a medical application for the early detection of relapses and complications of lung cancer patients.

Thanks to Moovcare®, patients have constant communication with their physician, problems are detected earlier, and oncologists are giving the right treatment at the right time. It is the first DTX officially reimbursed in France.



Reinvent Elderly Care and Patient Safety – Smart AI powered bed Monitoring for Modern Healthcare Facilities.

VITALERTER introduced at MEDICA 2021 a breakthrough care monitoring solution combining real-time AI data analytics and IoT biosensors. It provides a proactive, continuous and discreet surveillance of bedridden patients and elderly residents.

Preventive alerts are sent to care staff mobile when adverse events are detected such as bed exits or vital signs deterioration.



Oxitone technology enable continuous remote patients monitoring

Oxitone developed an end to end solution for Digital continuous care for patients at home. We developed the world first FDA cleared wrist worn pulse oximeter (without the bulky fingertip

probe) that measure accurately 24/7 every second:

  • SpO2 (Oxygen blood saturation)
  • Pulse rate
  • HRV and Stress
  • Activity/ steps
  • Skin temperature
  • Sleep pattern
  • Respiratory rate
  • Blood pressure and Cardiac Output (2022 end – SW download)
  • Dehydration (2023 – SW download)

All measurements upload to the cloud. We can detect changes and trends and send automatic alarm messages when something go wrong WITHOUT any patient intervention.


CNOGA Medical

Non-invasive Medical Devices for Outpatient Monitoring and Diabetes Management

Cnoga medical is a leading global company for outpatient monitoring. CNOGA is a privately held international company with offices in Israel, China and Brazil. We develop innovative technologies in the field of non-invasive medical devices that integrated into data management platform to provide a complete solution for the outpatient patients and the physicians.


Tyto Care

A comprehensive primary medical exam and telehealth visit

Tyto Care is transforming primary care by seamlessly connecting people to clinicians to provide the best virtual home examination and diagnosis solutions. Tyto Care’s solutions are designed to enable a comprehensive medical exam from any location.



Leading the digital transformation of prenatal care

HeraMED is a technology startup developing a lineup of innovative connected pregnancy monitoring solutions for home use, partnering with leading medical organizations including Mayo Clinic and Teva.

HeraMED has 3 defined business models:

Medical devices – HeraBEAT

SaaS platforms – HeraCARE (R&D phase)

AI capabilities – OrionAI (R&D phase)


HeraBEAT™ is a medically accurate, CE certified, scientifically optimized, smartphone-based fetal heartbeat monitor for home use.

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