Insomnia is a common sleep disorder which can occur from teens to aged people.  The symptoms could vary according to their poor/sleeping habits, mental health problems, physical ailments, not feeling too well even after a night’s sleep etc.  Even if you have the right environment and time, yet insomnia can disrupt your daily chores and keep you irritable, depressed and anxious throughout the day.  23.8 of teens are estimated to be affected by Insomnia.

Two promising wearable solutions from two Israeli startups – IntoSleep and NYX are working towards finding the much-needed   solutions to bring respite to Insomniacs.

NYX, (named after the Greek goddess of the night) developed a headband that you just have to put on, and that’s it. Headband uses tACS (transcranial alternating current stimulation, a form of neuromodulation to treat disease or enhance brain function) and EEG, which Lewin describes as “the language the brain understands.”

“We don’t care what your gender or age is, if cognitively you’re in good shape or not, if you take meds are not. You just have to want to sleep,” CEO Eyal Lewin tells ISRAEL21c. When the headband is worn, it checks the brains theta wages via the EEG connection.  In this way, the brain is trained to create more theta waves to fall asleep and the training to be repeated with intervals.

After a night of stellar sleep, the headband downloads all the information from the night into the NYX mobile app. The data is then uploaded to the cloud, so that it can be compared with other insomniacs “to set the right program for your next night,” Lewin says.  The headband’s stimulation is personalized to the user. “Ten people will likely get 10 different kinds of stimulation,” Lewin points out.

Many people suffer from lack of sleep due to so many reasons. Why not they get the help from such innovative technologies for which Israel is famous!!! Interested, may kindly contact Ms. Veshala Gajaraj, Trade Officer from the Trade and Economic Mission, Consulate General of Israel to South India, in Bangalore @  / Phone no: +91-80-49406517.


Source: Israel21c