The Israeli companies operate in every field, from Medicine to Mining, Agriculture to Water, Cyber to FinTech, FoodTech to Packaging and many more.

In past few years, there has been tremendous growth in the Foodtech sector. It includes every technology related with Food from its Ingredients to the Packaging, Consuming and even after its effect on the people who are consuming it.

Foodtech is the most innovative field in the food industry, with its goal being to improve the food we consume and its manufacturing processes. Israel is considered as one of the World’s major Food Innovation Centers. A significant Foodtech development in Israel is to help the Israeli Plastics industry to survive with changes in the Global market by developing a range of Innovative technologies and Improved products for different applications, along with improved, smart packaging for food that could lengthen the shelf life of the food and prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria and other germs. Lengthening the shelf life of packaged products from the time they leave the factory. This can be accomplished when new technologies become an inseparable part of a traditional industry.

The Food Tech companies have focused on two major issues in Food Packaging:

  • To increase food shelf-life by stopping and preventing decomposition that is caused by wrapping it in plastic bags.
  • Preventing proliferation of germs caused by closing food in plastic bags and creating an excellent breeding ground for bacteria proliferation.


Some Innovative Food Packaging companies which solved theses challenges are:


 Yoran Imaging: Production & Processing Systems

We are world leaders in transforming inline industrial heat thermal images into data enabling preventive maintenance and increasing the mean time between failures (MTBF) Patented Deep-tech, which combines thermal imaging with advanced real-time algorithms, AI and big data, to provide 100% inline monitoring of the heat-sealing process.



ImpacX: Smart Packaging

ImpacX was founded as in 2015. The inspiration for developing a technological solution for hydration was a result of a medical condition that plagued the young daughter of one of the co-founders. A problem that they were shocked to discover was easily resolved by simply drinking more water. After speaking to physicians, caregivers, and experts, we understood that despite the fact that we have available drinking water around all of us, we simply don’t drink enough.

However, over the past 2 years, we expanded way beyond water and today we’re the only company with a commercially available IoT smart cap platforms for the pharma, beauty, cleaning and additional industries. Today, impacX is able to transform any bottle into a smart bottle – no matter if it contains liquid, powder, a pill, or a capsule.


Deep Learning Robotics: Production & Processing Systems

Deep Learning Robotics is a technology company specializing in robotics, computer vision and machine learning. We’ve developed a unique vision-based robotic controller that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to enable robots to learn and replicate tasks by observing humans performing them. We are focused in automation of food handling.


Melodea: Eco-friendly & Biodegradable Packaging

Melodea develops innovative products for paints, coatings, barriers for the packaging industry and other applications. Melodea was founded in 2010 by researchers from the Hebrew University in Israel and industrial composite experts from the clean-tech sector to address different environmental challenges, the most pressing one being the plastic waste challenge.

We use the only natural and sustainable alternative to oil-based products – the forest, to extract Cellulose Nano Crystals (CNC) and utilize it in our bio-based solutions.


 Prevera: Safety & Quality

Prevera presents a breakthrough in food & water protection by developing a powerful protein-based antimicrobial solution that is effective and safe for both consumers and the environment. Based on an antimicrobial short-protein – nature’s weapon against pathogens – Prevera’s solution protects food & water from microbial contamination, thus eliminating the need for harmful preservatives and disinfectants. Prevera’s solutions break the problematic link between antimicrobial material efficacy and toxicity, and transform food safety from a liability to an asset.


PlastoSac: Flexible packaging

The Plasto-Sac group specializes in the manufacture of packaging and film for a variety of fields and offers a wide range of creative packaging solutions for customers on the international market.

Plasto-Sac’s products include Films for Lamination, Plasto-Fresh Breathable Films, Automatic Packaging Films, Plasto-Mesh ® Wicket Bags and Films for fresh produces, Packaging Shrink Films, Plasto-Lid: films for laminated lids, PSP-1: films for VFFS packaging for fresh produces


MCP Performance Plastic: Thermoplastic packaging solutions

MCP provides three major types of barrier structures: rCPET (Crystallized rPET), APET (Amorphous PET) and PP (Polypropyleneas ) Mono and multilayers barrier properties for extend a shelf life. Their solutions are suitable for a wide range of purposes, and can be used for contents that require deep freezing, refrigeration or heating, as well as with shelf-stable applications.

One of MCP’s outstanding developments is a dual-ovenable tray suitable for heating in a microwave and conventional oven. MCP manufactures trays suitable for a whole range of temperatures, namely freezing, refrigeration and shelf-stable applications.


StePac: Fresh Produce Packaging Solutions

StePac provides fresh-produce packaging and post-harvest handling guidance that enable extended produce shelf life. The company offers a unique multidisciplinary approach combining a profound understanding of the interaction between produce physiology and pathology, prevailing supply chain conditions, and packaging design. As a result, every packaging solution they provide is accompanied by handling procedures designed to ensure maximum freshness over time.


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