A study led by a PhD student of the Department of Physics – Faculty of Natural Sciences of a leading University in Israel has found that nanotechnology powered photodynamic therapy (PDT) is found to be effective in fighting breast cancer, which is the most prevalent cancer among women.


WHO report of 2020 states that close to 2.3 million were diagnosed with breast cancer globally and 6.8 million deaths, the same year.  Although PDT is already being used by medical professionals to treat cancer, its application is currently limited. The light used in the therapy has a short range and only targets areas close to the surface of the skin and small tumors. The University Researchers have overcome this obstacle by integrating nanotechnology into the treatment process.


The drug so created can be stimulated by infrared light, which can penetrate deeper than regular light, and minimize the distance between the drug and the harmonic nanoparticle.  The researchers state that the new method will enable future PDT treatments to reach tissues that weren’t previously accessible, vastly improving the method’s potential. PDT, unlike other common methods to treat cancer, has relatively few side effects.


“The ability to harness the depth-penetrating power of infrared light, combined with the precision offered by nanotechnology, means we are now able to target and treat tumor sites that were previously out of reach. This innovation not only signifies a revolutionary leap in the realm of cancer therapy but also brings a beacon of hope for countless patients and their families,” Dr. Rafael Minnes told ISRAEL21c.

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