Automated mobile robots are used in many health facilities such as to distribute medical supplies and linen, collect data and information about patients, and serve food and water to patients in hospitals in order to keep medical professionals safe from pathogen exposure and thus prevent the spread of infections.

AI applications like machine learning and deep learning, AI works with an amalgamation of vast amounts of data using fast and intelligent algorithms. This permits the software to quickly adapt the pattern of the data characteristics. Execution of AI is basically program oriented and the designed program consists of the basic information as to how it has to work. All the data is fed into web platforms such as the “cloud” which have the potential to store massive data and information to be used through the internet. There are immense possibilities for development in the healthcare sector through the use of AI in the future.

Robotic surgery has successfully sorted the limitations of laparoscopic surgery which is a big leap toward surgery with minimal access. As it may be predicted that almost all surgeries will be performed with robotic assistance in the future, a realistic training approach will be required to enhance the skills of surgeons, thus reshaping the knowledge curvature of the trainees by exposure to new methods like robotic surgical simulators and robotic telementoring. The role of robotics is increasingly becoming crucial in surgeon training. For example, virtual reality simulators provide realistic situations and real training experiences to the trainees. Practicing the procedures becomes easy within the virtual environment.

Israel Company Israel’s ReWalk Robotics, the developer of a robotic exoskeleton system that helps paraplegics walk and climb stairs.  The recent progress in the field of robotics in Israel and artificial intelligence (AI) promises a future where these technologies would play a more prominent role in society. Current developments, such as the introduction of autonomous vehicles, the ability to generate original artwork and the creation of chatbots capable of engaging in human-like conversations, highlight the immense possibilities held by these technologies and offer numerous benefits.

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