Yopi Technologies : A Sweat Analyser tracking Real-time User’s Health and Wellness

Until now, the only way to measure volume and oxygen (VO2) to determine cardiorespiratory fitness was through a mask device or expensive tests available only in specialized laboratories.

Yopi (Your Online Personal Instructor) is a first-of-its-kind, AI-based wearable device that monitors oxygen consumption through electrolytes in the sweat. The goal is to detect heart deterioration and measure overall wellness. Technology combining sophisticated biosensors and AI algorithms tracking real-time user’s health and wellness state.

It can:

  • Measure biomarkers in the sweat e.g. Potassium & Sodium
  • Correlated online to the most important physiological conditions.VO2 & VO2max, VCO2, AT & VE12
  • Real-time Noninvasive monitoring of physiological conditions.
  • Give instructions for aerobic training while alerting on health risks.


(Sources: www.israel21c.org/new-device-tests-your-sweat-for-heart-fitness/ ; www.yopitech.com/#/team )


For more information: Tejinder Singh (Tejinder.Singh@israeltrade.gov.il)