There is greater interest in the use of renewable energy sources. Decreasing energy production costs, increasing public environmental responsibility are prompting more consumers to consider renewable energy sources. Residential solar energy, in particular, is gaining traction
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India’s IT spending to grow 6.7% in 2019 to $ 89 billion – a report

Information technology spending in India is projected to see 6.7 % growth to $89.2 billion in 2019, said IT research firm Gartner in its forecast. The country’s domestic market is expected to spend nearly $83.6 billion
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Startup Your Engines: How Israel Is Driving Global Auto-Tech Innovation

With no domestic automotive manufacturing industry, Israel would never be mistaken for a Detroit on the Mediterranean. But that hasn’t stopped this small country from becoming a global hub of auto-tech innovation. Home to
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CleanTech Delegation to Hyderabad, India

The future of cleantech is changing in India. Macro developments such as urbanization, rapid growth, and climate change, depletion of resources continues to drive the need for investments in clean technologies. India represents a key
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CleanTech in Israel

Though Israel is a small country with limited natural resources, it stands out as one of the most competitive economies.  The country’s market economy can be characterized as advanced technology based and globally oriented.  In
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IoT India-2018: Transforming India’s IoT Ecosystem

  IoT revolution is expected to increase productivity and stakeholder value profoundly. To stay competitive, manufacturers need to partner with manufacturing automation vendors and systems integrators that provide solutions to upgrade factories or build new
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The Fuel choices and Smart Mobility

India a rapidly growing urban population, with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 2.35% between 2011 and 2031e) increasing motorisation rate (CAGR 12.7% between 2010 and 2025e). Critical levels of traffic congestion, growing traffic fatality
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The Government of India announced its plan to build 100 smart cities and rejuvenate another 500 cities.

The Government of India announced its plan to build 100 smart cities and rejuvenate another 500 cities. Subsequently, Rs.980 billion for the development of the 100 cities, and Rs.480 billion for the upgrading of 500 others.
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Israeli Automotive Technologies

The majority of Israeli startups are based on disruptive technology innovation. Israel’s innovation sector is a strong magnet for many of the world’s largest companies. The computerization of motor vehicles and their surroundings, coupled with
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Technology is opening up the gates of bigger opportunities for India

India’s recent growth has been impressive – its 7.2% GDP growth makes it one of the fastest growing economies globally, and government initiatives such as Digital India and Make in India, as well as increasing
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