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International Conference on Food Security, Punjab, India

We are happy to inform you that International Conference on Food Security will take place during 7-8 December 2018 in TIET, Patiala, Punjab, India The two day international conference is organized and hosted by Department
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Digital marketing becoming popular in India

Digitalization is rapidly reshaping the telecommunications industry landscape and consumers are faced with an overwhelming array of new connected devices, digital services and new ways to consume content and communications. In a highly penetrated market,
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CleanTech Delegation to Hyderabad, India

The future of cleantech is changing in India. Macro developments such as urbanization, rapid growth, and climate change, depletion of resources continues to drive the need for investments in clean technologies. India represents a key
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IoT India-2018: Transforming India’s IoT Ecosystem

  IoT revolution is expected to increase productivity and stakeholder value profoundly. To stay competitive, manufacturers need to partner with manufacturing automation vendors and systems integrators that provide solutions to upgrade factories or build new
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India is the world’s largest consumer of tea in the world – and the second largest producer of tea.  However, the growth of tea as an industry in India has been relatively recent.  Tea Plantation
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Visit of Minister of Agriculture and Horticulture, Government of Maharashtra to Agritech 2018

category: Agriculture, Dairy, Water
Israel is largely a desert nation which is why it has been forced to become an agricultural technology powerhouse: out of sheer necessity. From advanced irrigation methods to biotechnology to farming machinery and robotics, Israel
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Technology is opening up the gates of bigger opportunities for India

India’s recent growth has been impressive – its 7.2% GDP growth makes it one of the fastest growing economies globally, and government initiatives such as Digital India and Make in India, as well as increasing
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The Congress on Controversies in Bovine Health, Industry & Economics, February 2018

category: Dairy
  The Congress on Controversies in Bovine Health, Industry & Economics (BovineC) is a unique get-together meeting where controversial topics in bovine health, industry and economics will be discussed between veterinaries, scientists, advisors and farmers from
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Israel Food Industry

Israel is known for its vibrant, fast-growing food and beverage industry. European, Middle Eastern and North African cuisines blend to create a diverse array of original Mediterranean-style foods. Israel’s food and beverage industry produces gourmet foods, high quality ingredients, and
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ANAGOG – Israel company visited Bangalore

Yaron Aizenbud, COO, ANAGOG visited few important big companies as well as few promising start-ups in IAMAI-Mobile10X Bangalore Hub to explore more about startup ecosystem of India. He also interacted with startups
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