The Israeli Trade Mission in Mumbai is responsible for western region of India which includes four states that are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. We are responsible for the promotion of Israeli trade and export into the western region of India, attracting and encouraging foreign investments in Israel and creating strategic cooperation between Israeli and Indian companies.

Indian companies who are looking for technologies from Israel are welcomed to approach us. We assist you in scouting relevant Israeli companies/ technologies depending on your areas of interest. We help you in scheduling meetings and preparing agendas during your visit to Israel. We help you in bridging any communication gap that you may have during your interactions with Israeli companies. We believe in personal relations and we are here to support you in all stages of your collaboration with Israel.

Our Goal:
To promote the Israeli industry by deepening its activity in overseas markets
To Accompany and support the individual exporter in marketing activities abroad
To initiate and apply new and existing international trade agreements.
To raise investments and locate strategic collaboration opportunities.

Sagi Itcher

Commercial Attaché, Head of Economic and Trade Mission

Siddhant Gupte

Pearlini Wathore

Ayelet Dekel

Yogita Kale