Project Description

Company at a Glance:

Eshet Eilon is the only one in Israel manufacturing complete equipment for packinghouses including electro-optic sorting and packing lines and various automatic equipment.

The factory supplies today more than 50% of the packinghouses’ equipment in Israel and exports to more than 30 counties worldwide. Except the packinghouses market, Eshet Eilon manufactures unique solutions for the ministry of defense and for the various industries especially in the field of the automatic palletizing. The design and manufacturing is fully done in the factory and each and every customer gets his tailor made equipment adapted to his requirements, needs and budget.

Eshet Elion’s equipment is suitable for conventional fruits such as citrus, stone fruits, avocado and mango, vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and melons and roots like potatoes and carrot. Not like other manufacturers, Eshet Eilon chose to expertise in the field of irregular fruits such as pineapples, dates, garlic and mini peppers.  Eshet Eilon sees packinghouses as food plants which require high sanitation standards.  Therefore, the complete line is manufactured in stainless steel.

Phone: +972-544213331