Project Description

Company at a Glance:

Growers of every irrigated crop face the same daily irrigation question:  how much water should be delivered to each plant, and when? Getting it right on both counts is vital to optimizing crop yield and quality and to reducing water usage.

Manna empowers growers to make irrigation decisions easily and confidently by providing them with irrigation intelligence solutions specific to their individual crops and environments. With Manna’s affordable and user-friendly software, growers have access to dynamic, crop and site-specific irrigation recommendations anywhere and anytime.

Manna leverages its decades of experience in agronomy, micro-irrigation, and remote sensing, to deliver advanced solutions to growers around the world.

Manna is headquartered in Israel, a global hothouse of ag-tech innovation, and it is backed by Rivulis Irrigation, a leading provider of drip and micro-irrigation solutions for +50 years.

Phone: +91-7722067643