Project Description

Company at a Glance:

Top Greenhouses Ltd. Â is one of the leading companies in Israel providing a wide range of turn-key agricultural projects and solutions for growers, retail chains and investors around the globe.

The Company embraces a forward-thinking approach to agriculture: it must be economical, environmentally-friendly and efficient, while shortening the distance from the greenhouse to the grocer. As a result, Top Greenhouses invests a great deal of thought and planning into each project to ensure it delivers the maximum yield – both agriculturally and economically.

Employing an experienced staff of professionals with a variety of specializations in cultivation and agricultural technologies, Top Greenhouses works closely with growers to assess their needs and objectives, to evaluate site climate conditions and crop growth requirements. Each project is then tailored to the customer specifications, budgeted and implemented.

Top Greenhouse has a massive Global Footprint, having delivered projects in close to 50 Countries across the world. We have gained knowledge and experience of working under diverse climatic conditions with a variety of crops.

Phone: +91-9811042265