L’intervista: Italia e Israele, insieme verso la ripresa

Pubblichiamo di seguito l’ intervista a Jonathan Hadar, Head of Israel’s Economic and Trade Mission to Italy, apparsa su Calcalistech.com

Di seguito il link all’intervista: https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3832771,00.html

Alcuni estratti dall’intervista:

“It was very surprising for me to discover that the Italians prefer us over Silicon Valley. They say it is much more pleasant doing business in Israel. It is far more efficient and you can quickly set up meetings with anyone you want to speak to,” Hadar told CTech earlier this week. “Even if the product they are ultimately getting is a little less mature, they are getting it for a lot cheaper as everything from Silicon Valley comes with a premium. There are still good deals to be found in Israel. And that, combined with the fact that we are located nearby and that they find it easier to deal with our mentality, makes Israel a preferable destination for them.”

“I think that it is important that companies understand that there is a lot of money here and they are interested in investing in startups. There are many rich people in the north of Italy that up until recently stayed away from venture capital,” said Hadar. “Now the interest is growing and what we are trying to do is find investors that not only want to invest money but also believe in the company and what it can achieve in the Italian market. Italian companies really prefer the Israeli ecosystem to that of Silicon Valley.”