“Who led the digital transformation of your company: The CEO, CTO or Covid-19?” 

There is a grain of truth in that joke, as we seek some humor during the worst global crisis we are facing in the recent history.

Cloud adoption is firmly branded as the “new norm” for companies during Covid-19, as a new way to conduct business. Being one of the biggest technology trends of recent times, Covid-19 has emphasized the significance of cloud computing even further. Across industries, cloud remains to be one of the booming segments of IT spend.

Post-Covid19, we see a trend of more companies migrating 100% of their applications to cloud, previously, companies were migrating parts of their IT systems to the cloud one at a time.

Being termed as “Start-up Nation”, Israel has birthed many innovative software technologies. Needless to say, Israeli companies are among the first few to venture into this cloud revolution. And with the ever-changing demand landscape, we see the adaptability of these companies as they improve and evolve.

Israeli Innovations accelerating Cloud Adoption

Gigaspaces – It provides the fastest in-memory computing platforms for real-time insight to action and extreme transactional processing. Companies can operationalize machine learning and transactional processing. Thus enabling them to gain real-time insights on their fast and historical data, and act upon them in the moment. The always-on platforms for mission-critical applications across cloud, on-premise or hybrid, are leveraged by hundreds of organizations worldwide. Not just in IT industry, but across financial services, insurance, retail, transportation, telecom and healthcare.

Guardicore  – a data center and cloud security company that protects organizations’ core assets using flexible and easy-to-deploy micro segmentation controls. It develops technologies for internal data center security and breach detection. It offers enterprises real-time visibility, understanding, and response for illicit activity within their data centers.

Spot – a SaaS optimization platform that aims to help businesses reduce costs, maintain high availability and great performance. Spot facilitates the balance between different infrastructure purchase options and offers a line of smart infrastructure products that bring the public cloud experience to any hardware or facility.

COVID-19 has been a game changer. If nothing else, this pandemic has proven that cloud-based technologies work. And they work well. It is then up to us to let go of the past and embrace the new norm. (DALEY, 2020)

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