Why is cyber important? To understanding this, one must understand who uses cyber and for what purpose. In short, everyone with a computer, including people and cars, use Cyber. What is cyber? Cyber is simply a prefix taken from Greek to describe a person, thing, or idea as part of the computer and information age. Cyber is used before terms like security to denote an umbrella defense mechanism. Cyber is not necessarily a tangible thing for your enterprise to be cyber secure, and you cannot feel the presence until something is caught or goes wrong. Cyber is beneficial to enterprises if they use computing to generate income as their income generated can be diminished or compromised if the enterprise is not cyber aware.


Israel champions cyber. Many believe the cyber and high-tech industry grew through the Israeli Military Unit 8200 – the force responsible for collecting signal intelligence and code decryption. Graduates of this unit are equipped with cyber expertise and go out into the world to bring military technology for civilian use. Our roles at the Israel Trade Commissions around the world is to connect local enterprises with Israeli best-of-breed innovations, including in cyber realms. So, what is out there?


Do you have employees logging in remotely and not through a secure server with firewalls? Cyber login protection company Safe-T trusts no-one when logging in, so you have piece-of-mind that only your employees are accessing your valuable files. Are your customers logging in to your system with their smart devices? Cyber ID company Transmit Security utilises biometrics coupled with your access site to ensure the person logging in is who they say they are and is authorised personnel or a guest invited. Are you unsure if your website and online data are secured from hackers? Cyber penetration company Pcysys ethically hacks your enterprise to detect network vulnerabilities and gives you a mindful report. Now, what if you wanted to defend your organisation against potential threats? Cyber defence company Intezer monitors real-time attempts at cyber espionage.


Though it’s not all about defense, the cyber education company HackerU educates offensive cyber, converting the next generation of students into professionals – “a good defense needs strong” regenerative offence mindset and capabilities. Lifesaving cyber is not just intercepting defence-forces – CyberMDX secures medical devices that aid human lives and when information needs security from physical and online threats – HUB Security commercialised a physical and cyber secure storage unit. Want Cyber access to smartphones of fiends? Try Cellebrite’s hardware and software. Cyber can be tangible, however, with fields like – education, medicine, homeland security, protection.


What about non-enterprise usage of cyber? Cars need cyber security because if they are cyber hacked, they might not open or self-drive off a cliff – that is where OttoSec comes in to play. Infrastructure Databases need cyber security, or else collected data by the government could leak – this is where Silverfort works its magic. Cyber can even help a business develop – lead generation through cyber company LeadSpotting is online and ready to match and uncover potential purchases of your product. Need more in-depth knowledge on people? Persons of interest information is generated with Digital Clues, for the good guys only.


Cyber has evolved to catch the cyber criminals before cyber attacks occur, luring them into honeypots thanks to Nucleon. Cyber attacks could also come through third party networks, thanks to Findings that is protected. Cyber coding might need increased communication between teams, purposefully, Checkmarx comes into play. Cyber fraud, through payment issues, can be regulated now that SecuredTouch is there. Cyber information ransomed can even be located on the dark-web thanks to KELA. And if your Active Directory is compromised, cyber restoration is achieved through adopting Semperis. Even if your whole business is on the cloud – Cyber cloud security can be safe with Reblaze. And importantly, and relatably, cyber phishing monitoring company Blaick is there for us.


The world of Cyber options for your enterprise to adopt is magnanimous, primarily because the world of cyber criminals is ostentatious. Dark-web filtered money is mostly untraceable with non-currency payments. Be careful when your enterprise faces threats, and make sure your reputation stays intact by employing cyber mechanisms and not leaking sensitive data.