The Israeli tech ecosystem enjoys a great reputation. It is considered creative, innovative and attractive for the international audience. This week, four Israeli female entrepreneurs will receive the ‘European Women in Tech’ Award at the London Tech Week, Europe’s largest tech festival. During this event, tech communities from all around the world will address the pressing topics facing the tech sector and society today, such as health and climate.

The ‘European Women in Tech’ Awards’, will be given during a special event taking place on September 11th  which aims to showcase the achievements of women in the tech industry and encourage diversity and inclusion in business and tech. Out of 24 International entrepreneurs and founders who will be recognized, 4 are Israeli! This is definitely an impressive number.

The four Israeli recipients of the award are:

Hillary Harel, the founder of Serenus.AI, which uses AI and machine learning technology to improve healthcare delivery.

Orit Hashay, founder and CEO of Brayola, a smart personal bra shopper. Founded in 2012, Brayola teamed up with leading brands and designers utilizing technology, data, and community to enable personalized shopping for lingerie online.

Inna Braverman, co-founder of Eco Wave Power . Founded in 2011, Eco Wave Power developed an innovative technology for production clean & affordable electricity from ocean and sea waves, using a simple but smart design. Inna was also awarded the United Nations “Global Climate Action Award

Maya Guru, co-founder and CEO of Missbeez. Missbeez is a mobile platform for beauty services, connecting busy people with beauty & lifestyle professionals.

These four women are a great source of pride to Israel. We’ve decided to take this opportunity to shed light on some Israeli game changing and impact making technologies in various fields, including health, digital, AI, HR and more. Moreso, they are all women.

More Israeli Tech founded by Women:

  1. Cassiopeia – A great example to start off with, which is also relevant to our time period, where more and more people shift to remote work mode. Cassiopeia analyze network communication and provides actionable insights to improve team collaboration, and mental health in the virtual workspace. Founded by Shiran Yaroslavsky.
  2. Day Two – Day Two provides personalized nutrition and actionable insights that allow users to live healthier and maintain normal blood sugar levels. Its microbiome human discovery platform offers a glycemic control solution for people with type 2 diabetes. Founded in 2015 by Lihi Segal, CEO.
  3. Diagnostic Robotics – Diagnostic system which uses AI and predictive analytics models to help hospitals and emergency departments make informed decisions on patient care faster. It does this while improving patience experience and reducing costs of care and health systems loads. Founded by artificial intelligence (AI) expert Kira Radinsky,
  4. Papayaglobal – Papaya Global is a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that transforms global payroll, payments, and workforce management. Papaya Global’s automated cloud-based solution platform helps companies hire, onboard, manage, and pay people in more than 100 countries. Eynat Guez, co-founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur who’s changing the digital HR world.
  5. Bonobo AI – A platform for Marketing Automation and Behavioral Insights for Conversational Human-Machine Interactions. The company helps helps companies get insights from customer support calls, texts and other interactions. The company, co-founded in 2017 by Efrat Rapoport (CEO), was bought by Salesforce in May 2019.
  6. Cortica – A well-established company with a leading AI technology for autonomous platforms. The company’s Autonomous AI is based upon proprietary brain research and utilizes unsupervised-learning methodologies backed by more than 200 patents. This Autonomous AI is embedded in next-generation, ultra-scale platforms where understanding images is a critical task. Cortica provides the intelligence that enables autonomous vehicles, smart cities, autonomous drones, and more. Co-founded by Karina Odinaev in 2007.