The COVID-19 pandemic is only the latest in a series of challenges that manufacturing has faced. The current crisis will only hasten our journey towards Industry 4.0 – focused on productivity, cost reduction, faster time to market, competitive advantage, sustainability and innovation.

Israel is fast becoming an international hub of Industry 4.0 innovation, with its entrepreneurial culture and innovative ecosystem. Israeli startups are renowned for their ability to adapt to new sectors and tweak their technology for new purposes. The key technologies needed in the Industry 4.0 revolution are sensors, signal processing, data analytics, a combination of hardware and software and these are areas in which Israeli startups excel.

Razor Labs is a leader in the AI industry and is utilizing deep reinforcement learning for business processes optimization while maximizing revenue. The company’s DataMind is an optimization platform that virtualizes manufacturing processes. VisualMind is a video analytics platform, in which several AI applications are combined into one solution. Future Learning, a hands-on educational program is intended to allow outstanding academics and talented developers to enter the field of deep-learning solutions.

CASTOR has developed a decision Support Software for unlocking the benefits of industrial 3D printing. It enables design engineers, NPI managers, and production engineers to decide whether to prefer 3D printing over traditional manufacturing methods, by providing technical analysis and cost-saving advice for a full machine design.

Inspekto Autonomous Machine Vision systems are designed to put the Machine Vision market on a one-way course to replace existing integrator-centric solutions with out-of-the-box QA systems, put in the hands of the industrial plant QA manager. The systems are driven by integrator-less technology for visual quality inspection, gating and sorting. The technology eliminates the costly integration and customized developments that have characterized traditional machine vision technology.

Mobideo Platform is an integrated suite of applications for the safe, compliant and efficient management of the industrial workforce. Connecting workers to increase productivity, accountability and traceability and connecting managers to improve visibility and enhance real-time decision-making, the Mobideo Platform promotes better individual performance and empowers collaborative teamwork. This results in improved financial outcomes, optimized resource allocation, continuous process improvement and increased effectiveness, safety and productivity. automates workflows and turns 3D service bureaus and manufacturing engineers into instant 3D printing experts. Perfector does the work and allows any operator to learn without making costly mistakes. The AI-based Perfecter™ identifies the intended use of 3D parts and recommends printing parameters to ensure that additive manufacturing works — always.

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