On 30th June, Israel Economic and Trade Mission in Kenya organized an agriculture webinar entitled “ISRAEL – KENYA AVOCADO AND MANGO WEBINAR”.

The event was graced by esteemed panelists from Israel and Kenya. It provided Kenyans and Israelis a platform where they showcased relevant solutions offered by Israel. These solutions boosts agricultural productivity and subsequently enhance earnings in Avocado and Mango.

The webinar was a huge success with over 1900 participants registered and 400+ attendees.

Host: Mr. Arnon Arbel, Minister Counselor, Head of Economic Mission


Presentations: Following opening remarks from Mr. Arnon, Mr. Ernest and Hon. Peter, the presentations began and the summary is as follows;

Biofeed – Dotan Peleg, Head of Business

The GREEN VALLEY BRAND, non-chemical solution for the Fruit Fly.


Contact Information: dotan@biofeed.co.il

WhatsApp: + 972544497778 to learn more and become a business associate of the Green Valley brand.





Eshet Eilon – Nicky

Post-Harvest, sorting and packing solutions

Eshet Eilon’s main expertise is design and manufacturing of agricultural equipment. In the last 30 years, the factory’s highlights were designing and manufacturing of complete sorting and packing lines for fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, the company offers advanced grading solutions, packaging technology and a complete treatment for avocado growers. Eshet exports thousands of tons of avocados per year. In Kenya, Eshet Eilon has 12 packing houses and is looking to set up 6 more in the country in 2020. However, the company is planning to expand to other countries within the region namely; Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa.


Contact Information: Nicky, Email: info@eshet.co.il Tel: 0715-292056

KEDAR G.A.P /Agri Green Kenya – Yariv Kedar

KEDAR G.A.P is a leading provider of sustainable food security projects, especially in underdeveloped areas and emerging markets. The product presented was MycoApply Endroprime – a natural organic magic! This product is a unique technology that enhances plant development and improves soil conditions. MycoApply is sold in form of seeds (22500 propagules/gram). It extends the root mass between 100-1000 times. This allows the root to access water and unlocks nutrients beyond normal root (Zinc, phosphorus). The roots can then draw and store water and after that, release it to the crop when required. Thus, it contributes to healthier and more drought resistant plants.








Contact Information: Yariv Kedar +254706727632 Email: kedar@kedargroup.com or Kedar.Kenya@gmail.com +254204400454/0722509393

Farmster – Adam Abramson

Farmster has a platform called FarmKenya that helps farmers connect with buyers. It addresses the challenges that farmers face when trying to connect with buyers. These challenges include; information gap, poor logistics and connectivity gap. Farmers simply use SMS to access the platform therefore, no need to download the application or have a smartphone. For instance, the free service allows a farmer to post his or her crops. It allows buyers to find the crops and then call the farmer to make an order. The SMS chatbot for farmers is accessed by sending a message to 40446.


Contact Information: adam@farmster.co or +972587767557

Guri Avocado – Rami Cohen, Menachem Ben Zvi and Yael Trau

Guri Avocado International is a privately owned company founded in 2002. The company specializes in the development of avocado plantation industry. It has years of proven expertise in development and advancing the avocado industry in Israel, Africa and Asia. It helps turn land into thriving avocado-generating plantations. Guri set up Hadar Plantation Ltd in 1999 which has an in house R&D team of researchers and consultants. In addition, the company has succeeded in developing large and strong seedlings. This led to a significant success rate of the orchard.

Contact Information: Yael Trau, Email: Yael@helios.co.il

Amiran Kenya – Brian Gisemba

Amiran Kenya offers holistic agribusiness techniques. The company brings together high quality inputs, knowledge and know – how. These techniques are sourced from world leaders in the agricultural field and are tailor-made for African Farmers. Moreover, the company offers pre-sale support and after sale support. Pre-sale support includes; site visit by Amiran experts, identifying the right solution, preliminary assessment of project visibility and providing the solution. In addition, after-sale support includes; procedures and training, operation, equipment maintenance, trouble shooting, monitoring and ongoing support. Moreover, the procedures and training cover irrigation scheduling, fertigation, soil and leaf analysis, reports and plant management.


Contact Information: Brian Gesimba, 0737590120 Email: gesimba@amirankenya.com

After the Q&A session, Mr. Arnon gave the closing remarks and thanked the panelists and attendees for their participation.

Once again, the Israeli Trade and Economic Mission in Nairobi and its esteemed panelists, the Avocado Society of Kenya and ADC wish to thank you for attending the webinar. We look forward to working with you.