The global interest in drones is growing in exponential pace. Advancements in technology and reduced costs are some of the reasons fueling the rapid growth. Kenya is not an exception, and recently the use of drones in Kenya was allowed by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

Israel is one of the world’s largest exporter of unmanned aircraft, in terms of the number of systems sold. Over the last eight years Israel has exported $4.6 billion worth of unmanned aerial vehicles to countries ranging from Britain, India and Uganda, according to a study by the business consulting firm Frost and Sullivan

Israel’s UAV’s ability to operate beneath radar detection level yet unnoticed by those on the ground makes it a unique and essential part of any military arsenal these days. Today Israeli combat & surveillance drones are used worldwide.

However, in recent years Israel is developing drones to be deployed for public use, with the aim to ultimately reduce congestion on public roads, transporting medicine and medical equipment and performing medical tasks and delivering various commercial goods more quickly.

In March 2021 Israel Innovation Authority together with Transportation Ministry, the Israel Aviation Authority, the Ayalon Highways Co. and the Prime Minister’s Office commissioned a pilot drone project which will see hundreds of drones from a variety of firms test out their technologies in different sections over a shared airspace in the next two years.

Over the course of the project, the unmanned vehicles from a variety of firms will make 300 flights a day in the designated area, first in over unpopulated spaces in Hadera and then gradually moving to fly over urban areas, each vehicle simulating the execution of a variety of increasingly complex tasks: food delivery, transport of medicine and medical equipment, transport of packages and agricultural services.

According to research the global commercial drone market is projected to grow significantly by 2025, driven by a rise in demand for aerial services and advancements in camera, mapping and other softwares. Israel is hoping to use the technological prowess it has developed in the military drone sector to become a global player in the growing multibillion-dollar civilian sector. Some of the key start-ups in the drone sector include

Heven Drones, which has developed breakthrough stability technology that enables drones to fly in the most difficult environments while offering a highly customizable and actionable platform. The drones are capable of lifting upwards of 45kg in extreme weather conditions while flying at a speed of 90 kph for 45 minutes and are used for medical supply deliver, urban logistics, and agriculture, to industrial and security use-cases. The drones can be customized to provide solutions to a wide array of challenges across many different industries.

Nando Drones offers autonomous drone-based platform that turns the archaic model of site security upside down. Instead of guards making the rounds and patrolling a perimeter to detect intrusions into the secured site, with a response team on call, the drone in the sky hovers above commercial sites for up to 70 minutes at a time, capable of detecting both movement and the human form at a range of up to 250 meters. The Nando autonomous drone-based platform is also efficient for non-security applications including but not limited to solar farms monitoring, agricultural and mining surveillance.

Highlander provide a software-only solution that provides drone fleets with autonomous flight, intelligent airspace control, and coordinated air continuity. As a fully hardware-free system, they integrate with all the leading drone manufacturers, giving customers the freedom to build their drone fleets with best-in-class devices for whatever their specific purposes may be. High Lander clients around the globe use Mission Control to manage robotic aerial security, public safety, precision agriculture, facilities inspections, drone delivery networks, border patrol operations, etc.

Airwayz offers software-based AI that allows any drone of any type to be part of an autonomous drone fleet and perform multiple tasks in a variety of fields. Airwayz drones are used for the inspection and mapping of assets and sites that help to reduce manpower requirements and business risk while improving operational efficiency and compliance. They are also used for autonomous or remote operated Search and Rescue missions as well as package delivery.