As an innovative powerhouse that’s pioneered game-changing solutions in fields as diverse as
agriculture and cybersecurity (and everything in between), Israel has done far more than nurture and
grow a vibrant innovation scene of its own. The country also actively promotes and facilitates
relationships with overseas partners and investors.
Case in point: Over a dozen Israeli startups are set to display their latest progress and breakthroughs at
the Slush startup convention in Helsinki from November 21-22. Attendance is expected to top 20,000,
and will include prominent entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and journalists from across the
Coming on the heels of its debut last year, the conference’s second annual Israel Pavilion, organized by
the Foreign Trade Administration and the Israel Export Institute, will showcase Israel’s wide range of
technological expertise.
Here’s a small slice of the exciting Israeli companies slated to exhibit:
 Employing precisely calibrated pulses tailored to stimulate bio-feedback, Melcap Systems’
groundbreaking ingestible capsule technology helps combat obesity by safely and effectively
curbing appetite as well as actively monitoring and tracking key physiological parameters.
 Brilliantly unifying mobility apps, shoppers and retailers on a single platform, Enroute grants
riders free rides on leading apps like Uber and Lyft, as well as mass transit, by allowing them to
earn credits through shopping online at participating retail partners. Using a location-based
commerce layer, riders can not only place orders towards free rides while they drive, but even
pick up their items all while en route. The company is already in active partnership with DB,
Germany’s National Railway.
 Leveraging ultra-high-resolution cameras installed around the venue, SmarterTV enables the
viewer to seamlessly control viewing angles from anywhere in the world. This unique video
player is made accessible through leading social services like WhatsApp to bring global fans
closer to the action than ever before. The company is currently partnering with Amsterdam’s
Arena “Change the Game” program, to develop cutting-edge fan engagement technologies.
Having raised a record $2.24 billion in the third quarter of 2019, Israel’s high-tech industry continues to
attract global renown and investment. This year’s Slush convention serves as the right place, and comes
at the right time, for Israeli startups to share their continuing success on a global stage.
For more information on how Israeli startups are making waves across the tech world, please visit or contact your local Israel Economic Representative.
To learn more about the Israeli delegation at Slush, please contact Noa Avrahami at Shaw, Tel Aviv