Given the unprecedented times, with the COVID-19 pandemic having a staggering impact on most industries, the dairy sector has emerged resilient.

Israel’s dairy industry is believed to be one of the most advanced in the world. With its effective breeding policies and technology, Israel has climbed the ranks to become a global leader in milk production. It has over 100,000 dairy cattle producing nearly 1.6 billion liters of milk/year on a quota system.

Israel has two farming systems- the Kibbutz which are large collective dairy farms and the Moshav which are private family owned dairy units. The Israeli Dairy Board, collectively owned by the Government of Israel, major companies and farmers themselves, oversee all the dairy production in the country.

Computerized milking and feeding systems, cow- cooling systems combined with careful breeding and intelligent farm management techniques have led to the tremendous progress of Israel’s dairy industry.

Today, Israel boasts of producing the highest milk yield per cow and is truly a success model for dairy farmers around the world.

Here are some of Israel’s top companies in the dairy sector.

1. ABL Technologies Ltd . is a dynamic global dairy company that specialises in offering complete Turn Key Solutions to its clients with world class milk processing technologies. It offers its consumers integration and assembling along with training and know-how. All its products are customised to suit consumer target markets.

2. Afimilk – Since 1977, has become a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm, and for herd management. Afimilk introduced the world’s first electronic milk meter more than 30 years ago, the first pedometer to monitor cows, the first dairy farm management software and the first online milk analyzer (AfiLab). These tools have enabled farm managers to improve performance and maximize efficiency, ultimately increasing profits. Afimilk leading product line, is an automated modular system for intensive dairy farm management. The fully integrated software program, AfiFarm, collects information about each animal, builds a database and generates reports. This gives the farmer real-time information about herd health, milk quality and other critical factors, and enables well-informed decision-making.

3. Armenta is an Agro-tech company focused on non- antibiotic treatment of Mastitis in dairy cows. It uses Acoustic Pulse Technology to treat inflammatory diseases.

4. ENGS System offers innovative solutions to its customers. It uses management software to transfer data to its customers in real-time, enhancing work efficiency, aiming to improve the overall dairy management process.

5. MGT Liquid & Process Systems is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of dairy equipment and provides process solutions for food, dairy, bio-pharma, cosmetics and chemical companies worldwide.

6. Mileutis is a bio-pharmaceutical company that develops natural peptides and Antibiotic Replacement Drugs for animal health. It operates through strategic partnerships with bio pharmaceutical companies to create novel, protein-based therapeutics.

7. miRobot’s innovative technology focuses on fully automating the milking process. It offers robotic solutions that help farmers run multiple milk stalls simultaneously with only one supervisor overseeing the entire parlor. This reduces labor cost, improves milk quality and parlor capacity.

8. Scio, developed by Consumer Physics, is a real-time probable sensor that enables professionals in the food and agriculture industry to make effective data-driven decisions that help reduce food waste, boost capacity and profitability.

9. SCR Dairy is a pioneer in the cow monitoring and animal identification systems and has developed a monitoring tag that monitors over 7 million animals around the world.

10. Paulee CleanTec specializes in recycling human and animal waste into effective, odor-free fertilizer in minutes, helping clients to move towards a more cleaner, healthier and sustainable society.

11. Rafael Feed Mills is a leader in the animal feed mixture industry producing thousands of tons of animal mixtures for nationwide and global markets. They are the second largest producers of fish feed in Israel.

12. Tessa Dairy Machinery manufactures several custom-made processing plants for small and large dairy farms. Their dairy lines are designed to process fresh milk, milk powders and skimmed milk. Tessa also has canning and automated lines that manufacture and pack fruit juice & jams.

Israel’s success story is a model to dairy companies around the world. Its economic representatives work to facilitate foreign investments and build strategic alliances with foreign companies.

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