The move to the LTE network provides a boost for Korean mobile service providers

After a long setback of launching the much anticipated Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, Korean Telecom (KT) is the last of the three mobile operators, SK Telecom and LG U+, to join in the buzzing market of Korea’s LTE phones.

With current users of smartphones in Korea exceeding 20 million, Korea is the biggest market in the world, per capita, for smartphones.

For service providers such as KT, LTE provides them an opportunity not only to gain new customers, but also to raise their revenues, as the hyper competition of the Korean 3G the service providers supplied customers unlimited date programs, which eventually lowered their revenues.

KT, together with their competitors, SK Telecom and LG U+, are offering their LTE services with limited data. Taking in mind that according to the Economist Magazine, Korea tops the world’s data guzzlers with its internet traffic almost tripling second-placed France, this is a rescue measures for the service providers to step up their gains and profits in the years to come.