5-8 mei tijdens de Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston zal Israël gerepresenteerd worden door een nationaal paviljoen. De partijen aanwezig zijn hieronder beschreven per categorie. Samen met het Export Instituut en de Israelische Ambassade in de USA bieden wij geïnteresseerde partijen de mogelijkheid om op voorhand afspraken te maken. Zie contactgegevens onderaan de blog.

Communication & Control

agm AGM  is a provider of communication & control solutions for SCADA/DCS systems. AGM offers solutions for the areas of Oil & Gas, Water /Waste Water, Energy, Industrial applications, Environmental telemetry, Power Sub stations, Mining and Irrigation.



ARIARI flow control accessories specializes in protection solutions for water systems; protection from pressure transients and entrapped air in pipelines. ARI has developed a wide range of products and software for various applications in water supply (municipality and domestic), sewage, industry, agriculture and landscaping.



eltavEltav wireless monitoring LTD is a wireless valve monitoring system for the process industry. The solution provides real time position-indication to the control system and enables predictive maintenance on actuated valves using its diagnostics capabilities driving CAPES and OPEX reduction while increasing safety and productivity for the customer.



teldorTeldor is a manufacturer of the development and production of advanced electronic, fiber optic, instrumentation & control, low voltage power, BUS cables and data communication cables for the marine environment and offshore applications.



waterfallWaterfall is a provider of strong network security products which protect the safety and the reliability of control system networks. Waterfall provides a product that is stronger than firewall protections applicable for industrial control networks, including all critical infrastructure verticals.



Filtration/ Waste-water treatment

Amiad (1)Amiad is one of the world leading water filtration companies. The company provides a range of comprehensive filtration solutions to customers in more than 80 countries, while emphasizing the quality and reliability of its products, overall customer service, and environmental protection.



filtersafeFiltersave is a leading supplier of filters that ballast water treatment systems over the world. Filtersave is manufacturing in China, Singapore and Germany and with the R&D program. Stringent quality standards and consistent anticipation of market needs ensure competitive value across every application. The filters are designed and manufactured according to the international standard of DNV, LR & GL.



rwlwaterRWL Water provides responsible and sustainable environmental solutions through the utilization of advanced water purification and recycling technologies. The key solution of RWL water includes efficient water treatment, reclamation processes, water use reduction, wastewater production and energy recovery. The Israeli subsidiary, known since 1990 as Nirosoft specializes in advanced membrane applications for industrial municipality water treatment.




bermadBermad offers efficient and reliable solutions for protecting the resources. Currently, Bermad serves global customers in a wide range of fire protection applications and brings together the expertise and know how on leading edge technology and precision engineering. It provides comprehensive, customized solutions for protection systems in petrochemical plants- offshore & onshore, refineries, power stations and public buildings.



Oil & gas services equipment

flowindustriesFLOW industries developed and introduced the patented Airshock technology, which is an automatic repeated firing high pressure device with differential pressure of 5000 psi or more. Airshock was applied to water well rehabilitation and is worldwide used extensively since 2002. Another aspect of flow industry is their Oil & Gas division, where they developed Airshock for various oil and gas applications such a near well bore stimulation, acidizing, completion and mini-fracturing.

Rust, Scale & Corrosion

hop pthHOP engineering manufactures the PTH- Water improver to prevent damages caused by scale and rust in hot and cold water systems.



pctPCT converts the surface of aluminum into a then ceramic protective layer resulting in a rare combination of hardness, corrosion and wear resistance. PCT’s breakthrough method can be implemented in large structures, while nano-based secondary sealers provide ultimate corrosion protection in harsh chemical or wear environments, excelling in sea environments, replacing titanium, stainless steel and exotics.




windwardWindWard provides predictive maritime analytics. By using Windward’s system the power of smart analytics meets the oceans. The system analyses global vessel behaviors and deliver actionable predictive insights, informing smart operational decisions across various domains.


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B2B project manager