Ook op IFAT München 2014, 5 t/m 9 mei, zal er een Israëlisch paviljoen aanwezig zijn. Dit jaar zullen er een 8 tal Israëlische bedrijven gepresenteerd worden. Onder meer de bekende partijen zoals Amiad, Hakohav, Mapal Green Energy Ltd, Dorot en Reali Technologies LTD, maar ook nieuwe partijen zoals Hydrospin, Aquarius Spectrum Ltd en Elkayam .

Dit jaar zal het paviljoen in Hall A4, Booth 308 staan. Tevens bieden wij een vrijblijvende B2B service voor de geinteresseerde partijen om afspraken in te plannen. Zie hieronder een korte beschrijving van de Israëlische partijen. Mocht u interesse hebben in een van de partijen, schroom dan niet om contact op te nemen.


Amiad (1)Amiad provides a range of comprehensive filtration solutions.  In 2010 the company merged with Arkal to form one of the largest global players in the field of water filtration.



mapalMapal Green Energy Ltd developed an innovative, proven technology for waste water treatment plants. Its technology is a cost-effective floating fine bubble aeration system (FFBA). It has been designed for efficient aeration in wastewater treatment lagoons and in biological reactors at every scale of operation. The FFBA can be implemented during design and construction of wastewater treatment plants or to upgrade existing works by replacing the mechanical surface aerators (fixed or floating).

Smart systems/ Monitoring and Control

aquariusAquarius Spectrum Ltd. provides an in-line, automatic leak detection system based on innovative algorithms and a fixed network of wireless acoustic sensors. The system generates alerts of developing leaks with unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy, augmented by a Smartphone detection app for in-field precise leak location.

hydrospinThe joint venture of Hutchison-Kinrot, Hydrospin provides a self-hydro-powered system for reliable, real-time water monitoring in water distribution networks, anytime, anywhere – providing a complete monitoring solution for all customers’ needs

realiteqReali Technologies LTD. provides  connectivity and data management services to municipalities, Utilities, associations and others.


dorotDorot Control Valves provides unique control valves and also offers consultancy and engineering services . Under its control valves fall Hydraulic Control Valves (PRVs, PSVs, FCVs etc) for automatic control of 2’’- 32’’. Regulation of water and waste-water systems. Electric control for water systems. Air release and anti-vacuum valves, surge protection, Water Hummer  solutions. Water meters. Consulting, engineering and solutions provider of leakage reduction and pressure management solutions for municipal networks


hakohav Hakohav Valves provides in-house advanced, unique technologies including vulcanization and various types of coatings. Hakohav valves provides low cost, long life solutions to a variety of applications: Water & Waste water services, Desalination plants, Process industry and Firefighting systems


elkayamElkayam is a design and engineering company specializing in ecofriendly industrial plant and systems for municipal recycling, regeneration and handling companies that processes materials, aggregates (composite) and water.

Contact persoon:
Anne-li Steutel
B2B project manager