In samenwerking met de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) en het Ministerie Economische Zaken organiseert de Ambassade van Israel op dinsdag, 10 juni a.s. de eerste Nederlands-Israelische Healthcare Innovatie Dag.

Onder het thema “Healthcare Solutions voor een vergrijzende samenleving: Hoe kunnen wij gezond ouder worden ondersteunen – een innovatieve benadering?” zullen Nederlandse en Israëlische partijen bijelkaar komen .

Interesse in de Israëlische markt? Zie hieronder zijn de Israëlische deelnemers kort omschreven. Tevens kunt u zich ook aanmelden voor de B2B service gedurende de innovatie dag, om zodoende de Israëlische partijen te ontmoeten.

personalhealthwatchMedical technology device company dedicated to securing personal health through comfortable, smart digital textile garments providing the highest quality ECG (3-to-15 leads), vital signs, and alerts for telemedicine via smartphones and standard telemetry systems. Ideal for TeleHealth and Telecardiology.

neuronixlogoNeuronix’s mission is to turn Dementia a Manageable Chronic Disease, by introducing new methods for modifying the course of treatment for Neuro-degenerative Diseases and in particular Alzheimer Disease (AD). Thus, offering hope and long-term improvement in the quality of life of patients. Led by a highly motivated management team and supported by an Advisory Board made up of key opinion leaders in the field, Neuronix’s neuroAD technology is currently undergoing advanced clinical trials in major medical centers across the globe.


carmelltdErika Carmel Ltd. presents its cutting edge technology in Low Level Laser Therapy: B-Cure Laser- The world’s first portable low level laser medical device for Orthopedic problems, wound management and to elevate pain. Every day tens of thousands of people successfully use B-Cure Laser to relieve their symptomatic pain- At Home. Our main objectives are to improve the patient’s quality of life and toreduce the intake of harmful drugs.

nimedicalNew NI Medical’s next generation product, is currently under development, and is designed as a Smartphone application. The app is to be used at home by the patient as a telemedicine device, transmitting physiological data to the physician for evaluation. This would be revolutionary in the management of cardiovascular patients resulting in significant savings to the healthcare system.


earlysenseEarlySense’s contact-free, patient monitoring solution continuously monitors heart and respiratory rates, motion, bed exit and decubitus ulcer risk. Published studies demonstrate that continuous monitoring with the EarlySense system provides early detection of patient deterioration and reduction in hospital and ICU stay that results in highly positive Return on Investment. EarlySense’s technology is used worldwide for monitoring of remote patients, elderly homes and hospitals.

vaicaVaica is a global provider of medication adherence and telehealth infrastructure solutions to healthcare providers. Vaica’s mission is to improve the quality of care for chronically-ill patients and allow them to live longer at home independently. At the core of Vaica’s solutions is a cloud-based service management and monitoring software, enabling the remote deployment, management and monitoring of a family of smart medication dispensers and vital sign monitors. These innovative medication dispensers cover a range of medication modalities and consumption patterns, such as oral pills and injectable medications, and connect to Vaica’s management cloud via an all-included global GSM service or via Qualcomm’s 2net hub, at the care provider’s choice. Vaica’s products and services can be deployed as a complete turnkey solution for remote care management of chronic patients, accessible from any Web connected device, or can be easily integrated with any other patient management software or EHR, via an open API.


hiphopeHip Hope Technologies (HHT) is a product company at an advanced R&D stage. The company develops a revolutionary wearable active device, designed as an aesthetic belt, aimed at preventing fall-related hip fractures – the № 1 unresolved severe and deadly injury of seniors. The sophisticated device incorporates proprietary technological and design features, complemented by multiple added-value functionalities. Product launch – November 2014. Begin sales – Mid 2015.

meditouchMediTouch Ltd. manufactures innovative physical therapy solutions for hospital, primary and home care use. The products utilize wearable motion capture devices and dedicated rehabilitation software. The MediTouch physical therapy solutions allow patients with upper and/or lower extremity movement dysfunction to practice intensive virtual functional task training of single and multi joints. In this way our systems implement impairment oriented training (IOT) with augmented motion feedback to give a tailored arm or leg exercise physical therapy program that allows the patient to achieve better functional recovery.

motorika-logoMotorika is a leader in manufacturing robot-assisted solutions, to meet the therapeutic needs of patients suffering from a variety of neurological conditions including: stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury as well as orthopedic and post-surgery dysfunction.Motorika’s products include upper and  lower extremities functioning, providing better rehabilitation results through a combination of wide variation and intense repetition.

shekelscaleShekel Healthweigh® scales provide precision weighing solutions for the healthcare industry. Vital information such as weight, height, BMI, to assist in diagnosing health situations, is transferred electronically between weighing systems and management databases. CE approved.

vitalitixVitalitix offers revolutionized solution for the “Silver Tsunami” – the ever growing elders population – by offering a platform and service that help elders ‘Aging in Place’ and improves their safety, independent and vitality.Vitalitix LifeTouch cloud based platform connects elders to their family, caregivers and friends using of-the-shelf wearable devices and mobile applications and support them using Crowd Caring.


  • Kyma Medical TechnologiesKyma Medical Technologies is dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative remote patient monitoring solutions, designed to improve care of patients suffering from chronic cardiac illnesses.The company has developed an innovative radar-based technology for early detection of thoracic fluid accumulation. The company’s µCor system (CE Marked) comprises a non-invasive patch that is placed on the patient’s torso and provides direct and  accurate measurement of thoracic fluid trends along with additional important measurements such as heart rate, respiration rate, posture, and activity level. Using sophisticated algorithms, the system alerts healthcare professionals of an upcoming deterioration in the patient’s status ahead of time, enabling timely intervention that can reduce hospitalizations and save lives.


procoreProCore Biomed is a young biotechnology company developing innovative, cost effective solutions with a focus on bone and cartilage regeneration, integrating proprietary scaffolds, growth factors and stem or progenitor cells. The company technology platform includes a variety of biomaterials and in particular Hyaluronic acid based injectable hydrogels usefull for multiple clinical applications, a set of proprietary growth factors with enhanced activity, selectivity and stability, and unique protocols for stem and progenitor cell isolation, expansion and differentiation.ProCore’s scientists include experts in stem cell research, protein design and expression, growth factors biology, polysaccharide chemistry and biocompatible scaffold design. ProCore’s development team has expertise in all steps of the pharmaceutical drug development process including formulation development, GMP manufacturing, analytical methods development, and stability testing.

ProCore’s team has experience in both preclinical and clinical studies design.

bengurionThe visit of Ben Gurion to the Netherlands focuses on two research projects that are being conducted in brain and cognitive sciences

Computational Psychiatry – This line involves experimental work (using EEG and MEG as well as brain stimulation), advanced data analysis and computational modeling aimed at developing new insights into psychiatric and neurological phenomena. We develop novel ways to use non-invasive imagining data to probe for the balance of excitation and inhibition in the brain and connect it to disease symptoms. We currently focus on schizophrenia, autism and epilepsy but the research is not limited to these conditions. We also study general questions related to cortical dynamics, neural coding, plasticity and learning.

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and Neurofeedback – This line involves developing new approaches to extract and classify information from real-time EEG activity to control various devices, such as robots, help in motor rehabilitation and provide new treatments for various conditions.

telerescue Telerescue is developing a new personal mini defibrillator connected to a mobile phone that will enable and provide treatment for severe Cardiac arrhythmia via remote control. Telerescue solution consists of an independent, lightweight, convenient, personal monitoring and defibrillation system. The system is self-activated very shortly after a SCA has occurred without any assistance required for operating the system.

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