Maak kennis met de Israëlische technologie voor de cleantech sector
European Utility Week
4-6 november 2014
Amsterdam beurshal de RAl.
Hal 1 E12

Dit jaar zal er wederom een Israëlische Utility delegatie aanwezig zijn op de European Utility Week 2014. Afgelopen september is er al een kleine introductie gegeven over de Israëlische Cleantech, waar CEO Israeli Smart Grid Associations, Elad Shaviv. Deze webinar werd georganiseerd door Synergy om de mogelijkheden en ontwikkelingen rondom de Europese en Israëlische cleantech markt te bespreken. Deze webinar gemist? Kom langs op ons paviljoen.

Op het Israëlische paviljoen bieden wij de mogelijkheid om op een efficiënte en doelgerichte manier kennis te maken met de Israëlische Utility sector. Zie hieronder de selectie Israëlische bedrijven die aanwezig zullen zijn op de beurs.

Israeli companies presented:

  • AGM is a provider of smart Communication & Control solutions for SCADA and DCS systems, with 30 years of experience in the area of Water /Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Energy and Environmental real-time monitoring and control. AGM solutions are designed for Distributed Control Networking projects and for upgrading and optimizing existing old systems in smart and economical ways, by using available local equipment with AGM’s original R-Win networking manager.
  • Aqua Rimat is a Israeli company, developing its products in Israel. The company was founded in 2010, and is owned by Dr. Moshe Ravid. Aqua Rimat’s objective is to become a world leader in idetifying water leakage and prevention of water damages in the private and business sectors. Our products are designed to reduce to minimum these damages caused by leaking and overflowing water, and thus achieve substantial water saving. Aqua Rimat is developing a unique technology enabling early detection and prevention of such leakage before any damage can be caused.
  •  Chakratec is developing an energy storage system with unlimited charge / discharge cycles, totally green and easily deployable. At the heart of the system is an array of innovative flywheel storage units. This array is managed by our smart management system allowing the customer to maximize his benefits by dynamically allocating storage resources for the main energy storage uses like Energy Time Shift, UPS, Regulation and others.
  • CQM Ltd.- energy and water saving solutions are installed in thousands of sites around the world, maintaining optimal heat exchange levels in heat exchanger and condenser tubes, providing electrolytic water treatment for cooling towers and closed circuits, and chemical-free chlorination and purification for drinking water.
  • Cvidya is a leading supplier of Revenue Analytics solutions to communications and digital service providers. cVidya’s big data technology platform and analytical applications enable operators to optimize profits and enhance decision-making.
  • ECI Telecom – Global provider of networking infrastructure equipment, solutions and services.
  • Enstorage Inc – EnStorage develops large scale energy storage solutions based on our reliable and cost effective flow battery technology. Our energy storage solutions will provide; Long duration discharge at high power level, Low capital and operating costs, Easy integration with a modular, scalable architecture. Our energy storage solutions are specifically designed to meet the energy storage needs of utilities, independent power providers and large industrial energy users.
  • Metrycom – empowers energy companies with an unprecedented visibility on their high voltage transmission grid, thus allowing them to locate ahead of time potential failures and the performance of aging equipment. Power utilities can now evolve from periodic maintenance to performing maintenance operations only where and when required. Smart maintenance dramatically reduces operational costs while ensuring higher service quality.
  • RADiFlow – is a provider of Secure Industrial Ethernet solutions for Critical infrastructure applications. RADiFlow is providing an innovative network design for utilities based on its ruggedized switches which contain an integrated SCADA firewall.
  • Switchbee – is a line of automated, programmable digital wall switches that use only the phase and the return phase wires (do not need more – neither Neutral nor Ground). Retrofit into existing house infrastructure is therefore possible without any change.

Voor meer informatie neem contact op met onze B2B Project Manager:

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B2B Project Manager Cleantech, Water, Energie
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European Utility Week
4-6 november
Hal 1 E12