Green Ventures

Green Ventures is een onderdeel van de Enertec Beurs in Leipzig georganiseerd door Terratec. Deze beurs zal zich voornamelijk richten op het bespreken van onderwerpen hoe de huidige generatie de toekomstige generatie kan beschermen door het balanceren van onze ecologische, sociale en economische behoeften.

Enertec werkt samen met Israel om de internationale banden op gebied van energie en cleantech te versterken. Om deze reden is het platform Green Ventures opgezet met een paviljoen diverse Israëlische bedrijven waar startups tot aan gerenommeerde bedrijven worden gerepresenteerd. Zie hieronder het overzicht van de aanwezige bedrijven.

Reist u ook af naar Leipzig en wil een van deze partijen ontmoeten? Mail dan naar de B2B Project Manager


E.S.T Ecologic Systems

E.S.T. Ltd. is an Israeli clean-tech company that developed a unique organic waste treatment solution which breaks new grounds of environment technologies. This technology comprised products like treatment systems for gas waste and chemical waste. The systems are connected to the production line and treat the original waste as it formed in place, time & concentration. The offered solutions work on regular bases on our customers sites and operate for thousands of hours in various location in Israel and in Europe complying to the most international Standards. The systems treat organic waste as a residue of manufacturing process in any industry using chemical processes producing chemical toxic and hazardous waste. For more information see their video.[youtube][/youtube]

E.V.R Motors

EVR Motors Ltd is developing novel and light weight direct drive generators. Their innovative technology greatly improves the performance of wind, tidal, micro hydro and other types of turbines.[youtube][/youtube]

Green City
Green City turns waste liabilities into energy assets by replacing chemicals used in the production of biodiesel with revolutionary, ultra-efficient enzyme technology.

G.R.E.E.N Golan Solar

G.R.E.E.N – GOLAN SOLAR is an environmental project management company with a focus on sustainable energy. The company has extensive experiences in the field of photovoltaic-energy. They also examine entry into cogeneration, wind and biogas constructions.

Hanita Coatings

Hanita Coatings specializes in the development and conversion of coated, laminated and metallized films for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Herzeliya Accelerator Center

The HAC, an initiative by the Municipality of Herzliya, is a Smart-space for young (21-35), local entrepreneurs. HAC will hold an acceleration program for teams focusing on civic technology & urban innovation, as well as technology and business oriented Meetups and classes.
The acceleration program will give the young entrepreneurs an access to the city data base and to the chief municipal departments, mentors, SME, training and courses and much more.

Ludan Environmental Technology

The Group’s reputation for innovative solutions has been further enhanced with the development of an In-house Environmental Technologies subsidiary with expertise in groundwaters, industrial waste water treatment, soil remediation & gas emissions.
The Group is also well known for developing large-scale projects involving the application of advanced technologies.

Netafim GmbH.
Netafim is a company in the field of irrigation for agriculture and landscaping. The company focuses on crops in the area of drip irrigation, greenhouse turnkey projects, and biofuel energy crops.  See the video for one of their technologies.


NewCO2 Fuels

NewCO2Fuels Ltd., founded in 2011, commercializes a technology conceived by Prof. Jacob Karni’s laboratory at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Prof. Karni and his team conducted eight years of research on high-temperature CO2dissociation and showed that the technology has the ability to convert CO2 into fuels. See below a video on their technology.[youtube][/youtube]

P.M.K Technology

P.M.K. Ltd. is an Israeli start-up that has developed a process to convert municipal sludge to compost class A in a few hours at a substantially lower cost compared to other processes, in an environmental-friendly method. A small scale test in WWTP Jerusalem had been successfully conducted in accordance with Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection guidelines. Interested in Funding please follow this link.


The power-generation solutions developed by Qnergy combine sophisticated  technologies, many originally developed for the space and defense industries, but now very well suited to help solve the energy production gap and benefit the environment. See the video for one of their technologies, Micro CHP.

Shaked Microbial Solutions
Sha’ked has developed a novel formulation to control harmful aquatic orgamisms. Its flagship product, the SH101 has shown dramatic results in the treatment of Cyanobacteria. These organisms cause harmful algal blooms which contaminate fresh water bodies all over the world rendering them unusable. The costs of this unsolvable problem are estimated in the billions annually. After showing dramatic results with its SH101 in small scale field trials. The company is preparing for executing additional field trials in growing scale while responding to emergency requests for treatment globally.
Sha’ked’s second product, the SH102, which is based on the same technology platform, has shown very good results in lab (NYU and Auburn U.) as an ovicide against different types of insects, such as Anopheles (Malaria), Chironomids (Cholera), Aedes Aegypti (Yellow and Dengue Fever) as well as Culex.