De European Utility Week 2015 (EUW15)

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De Utility beurs zal dit jaar plaats vinden in Wenen, Oostenrijk. Des al niet te min, zal er  wederom een Israëlisch paviljoen aanwezig zijn met diverse Israelische partijen. Een aantal partijen zoals Chakratec en Enstorage, maken dit jaar hun tweede opwachting. Maar er zijn nog andere energieopslag bedrijven die hun eerste opwachting maken, zie ook Brenmiller. Daarnaast zijn ook andere nieuwkomers uit het cybertech veld. Dit thema zal vertegenwoordigd worden door de bedrijven Cyberx-labs en Next Nine.

Israël haar eigen elektriciteitsbedrijf, Israel Electric Company, zal niet op het paviljoen aanwezig zijn, maar zal de beurs wel bezoeken. Het bedrijf ook een incubator opgezet voor de utility markt, Karat. Karat is een technische incubator selecteert maar een select aantal innovaties om ze op te nemen en de smart energy oplossingen snel op de markt te brengen. Tot nu toe hebben de startups al $10 miljoen aan kapitaal opgebracht. De visie van Karat (in het Hebreeuws betekent het het initiëren van technische ideeën) richt zich vooral op innovatie ideeën rondom de energie sector, dit betekent duurzame technieken, energie efficiëntie en innovaties voor de smart grid.

Zie hieronder een kort overzicht van de bedrijven aanwezig op het paviljoen. Interesse in een van de bedrijven neem dan contact op met de B2B project manager via het onderstaande formulier of zie hier de catalogus Austria EUW 2015 – Categories (2)

Aqua Rimat was founded in 2010, and provides products  that are designed to reduce to minimum these damages caused by leaking and overflowing water, and thus achieve substantial water saving. Aqua Rimat is developing a unique technology enabling early detection and prevention of such leakage before any damage can be caused.

Brenmiller Energy provides clean and sustainable energy solutions in a cost effective and efficient way, both to the renewable market and to the evolving smart grid market. Brenmiller Energy’s solutions are based on its proprietary energy storage system which is capable of hybridizing multiple heat resources, whether renewable or other, into a single energy output. The Company has also developed its own solar field in order to provide solar solutions, including solar augmentation, to the off-grid and on grid markets. Both these products allow the Company to offer a range of energy solutions from solar only through hybrid to storage only, all in order to reduce solar power prices and optimize the production and use of energy by the end customer.


Chakratec –is developing an energy storage system with unlimited charge / discharge cycles, totally green and easily deployable. At the heart of the system is an array of innovative flywheel storage units. This array is managed by our smart management system allowing the customer to maximize his benefits by dynamically allocating storage resources for the main energy storage uses like Energy Time Shift, UPS, Regulation and others.

Cvidya– is a leading supplier of Revenue Analytics solutions to communications and digital service providers. cVidya’s big data technology platform and analytical applications enable operators to optimize profits and enhance decision-making.

Cyberx-labs provides an advanced security platform for the Industrial Internet, focusing on Energy utilities and the Gas & Oil industry. Though the Industrial Internet is rapidly changing our lives with the convergence of machines and intelligent data, the
transformation cannot prosper without cyber-security as one of its pillars. CyberX’s solutions secure these networks with its situational aware and fully-agnostic technology.

Enstorage  developed the most cost effective flow battery for gird scale energy storage. A self-contained system with over 10,000 cycles, it can serve as a grid asset for 20 years. The technology has 9 patents covering base materials, system & controls and a proprietary low cost membrane and catalyst. 2 beta systems are deployed in 2015, each sized at 150KW/900KWH which would be based on our grid connected technology demonstrator.

Max Bill is a service delivery and customer experience management into competitive advantages for utilities service providers. Based on our Modern Billing strategy, we help utilities service providers achieve their strategic objectives and grow their businesses. The MaxBill solution enables utilities service providers to offer attractive packages with zero-touch, automated service delivery, simplified customer support and transparent billing.

Next nine is a leader in Operational Technology (OT) security management software for industrial and critical infrastructure, markets that are vulnerable to cyber attacks and are underserved by conventional enterprise IT solutions. Distributed critical infrastructure plants and facilities with proprietary ICS/SCADA networks and devices, together with the need for external vendors to provide remote maintenance and support, create an ideal target profile for hackers and terrorist attacks. Traditional IT security solutions typically cannot handle adequately the proprietary nature of the ICS/SCADA world.

Qnergy is focused on the development and manufacturing of advanced Stirling engines, which convert Thermal Energy into Electrical Energy with very high efficiency, remarkable reliability and attractive cost per Watt generated. Qnergy’s products are suitable for various applications, such as micro-combined heat and power (CHP), GenSets for the Oil and Gas industry, solar power generation and solar CHP, liquefied natural gas, and more.

RADiFlow – is a provider of Secure Industrial Ethernet solutions for Critical infrastructure applications. RADiFlow is providing an innovative network design for utilities based on its ruggedized switches which contain an integrated SCADA firewall

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