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Nieuwsgierig hoe de Israelische en Nederlandse Smart Cities persectieven op elkaar aansluiten op het gebied van cyber, transport en energie? Op de Smart City Innovatiedag a.s. 4 februari 2016 in Den Haag wordt dit besproken. De dag brengt business, academia en de overheid samen om te spreken over de uitdagingen en de mogelijkheden in deze sectoren. Elke sector heeft een eigen breakout-sessie waar er dieper op de sector specifieke IL en NL visie wordt ingegaan. Zie hieronder de verschillende breakout sessies en de sprekers.

Smart Cities Innovation Day | Breakout Sessions

  1. Breakout Session 1: Cyber Security
    Topics: Presentations and discussions on testbeds, IOT, ICT, citizen participation, standardisation
    (moderator: Klaus Kursawe, CTO ENCS and Mr. Nimrod Kozlovski, JVP Cyber Labs)
  2. Breakout Session 2: Smart Mobility
    Topics: Presentations and discussions on city mobility
    (moderators: Maurice Geraets, NXP, Bram Hendrix, Automotive Industry & Automotive Campus)
  3. Breakout Session 3: Smart Grids / Energy
    Topics: Presentations and discussions smart grids, micro grids, storage, etc.(moderator: Bram Reinders, strategist Alliander and Mr. Elad Shaviv)
  4. Breakout Session 4: Smart City Exchange (invitation only)
    Topics: City examples, knowlegde exchange, cooperation opportunities
    (moderator: Ger Baron , CTO Amsterdam and Zohar Sharon, CKO Tel Aviv) 

Zie hieronder de website voor het inroosteren van de B2B meetings, het programma en registratie.

Daarnaast is er een korte beschrijving van de Israelische bedrijven die zichzelf zullen presenteren hieronder uitgezet. Mochten er interessante bedrijven tussen zitten en u wilt een afspraak maken kan dit via de website of  neem gerust contact op met de B2B Project Manager Anne-li Steutel,

Company Description
Breezometer BreezoMeter provides the most advanced air quality analysis and air quality data via:

·         DaaS – Air quality Data as a Service to be integrated into various types of products and businesses. Between our customers: AccuWeather, Drayson Technologies, LifeMap Solutions AddressReport and more.

·         SaaS – Advanced air quality Software as a Service to be integrated into Smart Cities Dashboard and integrators platforms. Between our customers and partners: Motorola Solutions, Flowthings and more.

For smart cities BreezoMeter offers an innovative platform to gather all information regarding air quality in real time, analyze it and then draw meaningful and actionable conclusions at the city level. With BreezoMeter Air Quality Control Platform cities can finally understand when and where air pollution events occur and it can detect the sources of the air pollution.

Capester Capester has developed a mobile-device based technological platform for crowd-sourced enforcement of severe violations (infractions) in the public domain.

Capester’s platform is primarily comprised of a highly secure, innovative smartphone application, intended to be used by the public at large to record video clips that document violations.

The platform leverages our patent-pending technology to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the clips recorded. Once a clip is created through the app, it is sent to storage on our cloud-based servers, and the enforcement authority, in whose jurisdiction the clip was filmed (e.g. municipality) is given SaaS-based access to the clip for the purpose of taking enforcement action (e.g. issuing a citation).

Capester’s unique fusion of legal and technological designs provides the breakthrough, turning the video clips recorded through our platform into legal-grade, admissible and highly probative evidence under Israeli law for enforcement and prosecution of violations.

Unlike other photography and video solutions – video clips recorded through our platform obviate the need for any sort of corroborating or supportive testimony by the individual who shot the clip.

In fact, the platform is intentionally designed to anonymously film the video clips, by refraining from collecting information that identifies the app user who records the clip.

The platform and its technology are supported by a meticulous legal opinion with respect to Israeli law by advocate Haim Ravia, nominated by Who’sWhoLegal to be one of the leading lawyers in Technology Media & Telecommunications since 2010.

The platform has drawn fantastic feedback and Pish Pash has begun deploying the technology in Israel, first rolling out with a project focused on enforcement of vehicles unlawfully parked in handicapped-designated spots.

Cellint Traffic Soltions Cellint Traffic Solutions is a global provider of real time traffic and location information of the entire population based on billions of data points on the cellular network. TrafficSense tracks all active mobile phones, anonymously, to the exact street/rail they are traveling on, pinpointing their exact location on that route every 30 seconds on average. Big data analytics is then used to generate a comprehensive mobility solution for smart cities.

TrafficSense was validated by transportation agencies and municipalities to match sensors data quality. It is the most cost-effective solution for traffic management, signal tuning, origin destination analysis, impact studies and home travel surveys.

Challengy diffuses the culture and the best practices of innovation to optimize People performance and reach Enterprises or Cities growth
Checkmarx Checkmarx provides a comprehensive Application Security platform used for finding & fixing application layer vulnerabilities during software development as well as blocking attacks in real time.

Best known for its Static Application Security Testing (CxSAST) solution, the product enables developers and auditors to easily scan un-compiled code in all major coding languages and identify its security vulnerabilities.

With tight integration into the various SDLC components, CxSAST enables full automation of the analysis process and provides auditors and developers with immediate access to findings and remediation advice

Covertix Covertix data-centric technologies dynamically protect confidential information and sensitive data in motion, in use, and at rest, anywhere, anytime, within any file, and across any device, inside the organization and out, and within email. Covertix partners with leading companies such as NetIQ, TechHarbor, Zia Consulting, among others. Customers in financial services, healthcare, insurance companies, and travel use Covertix solutions.
Cynet Security LTD Cynet 360 provides the fastest, most comprehensive solution available for mitigating security breaches from advanced threats including unsigned malware, zero-day attacks and insider threats. Cynet 360 uses a unique approach for detecting and remediating threats, which includes the correlation and analysis of indicators collected from files, user behavior, networks and endpoints. This approach enables Cynet to detect potential threats, anomalies and unsigned malware that have never been seen before, which have succeeded to bypass existing prevention solutions.
Giv Solutions Giv-Solutions provides a large array of solutions, including consulting, project managing, providing shelf-solution, characterization, development, testing, change management and implementation including managing the organizational changes that follows.

GIV developed Smart transportaion solutions:

GIV_RMS™, GIV’s Road Management System, deals with maintenance & management of transportation infrastructures. The system includes specific solutions for those subjects based on GIV-RMS™ & GIV-BMS™ products. Those products enable control in road operation including traffic control, maintenance, engineering & maintenance management including QA, contractor’s activity, SLA management, electronic infrastructure, safety systems, tunnels, bridges and road structures.
The Product deals with all necessary operating & managing assignments that transportation infrastructures needs: managing tools & equipment, men power (including outsourcing), managing maintenance tasks, managing equipment inventory, activities to each component (draining, dirt work, water pipes, bridges etc), work orders & providing complete status report on local & national transportation infrastructure.
The product will result directly in better management, better performance & better efficiency of maintenance tasks, as well as increasing safety levels, saving expanses and elongation of infrastructure lifecycle

GIV-BMS™, Provides transportation authorities with a comprehensive Structure Registry, Inspection and Maintenance Management solution, to effectively allocate budgets to deteriorating and sub-standard performing structures within their infrastructure inventory

Greenware Tech Greenware Tech’s mission is to support businesses such as energy, water and waste management industries in their environmental approach and their search for operational efficiency, cost savings, compliance and reliability.

To do so, we provide anytime, anywhere access to your remote assets to improve efficiency, reduce costs, introduce new services, and help you gain competitive advantage.

IDC Herzliya IDC Herzliya is a dream realized; an academic institution that changed the face of higher education in Israel and became a successful, pioneering model and a source of inspiration.

Founded by renowned Israeli Professor Uriel Reichman in 1994, IDC Herzliya is a non-profit organization modeled after Ivy League universities in the U.S. In the twenty years since its establishment, IDC Herzliya’s success has drawn both international recognition and some of the finest lecturers and researchers from around the world to our doorstep.

IDC Herzliya’s founders sought to create an Israeli university in which personal achievements go hand in hand with social responsibility. Our outlook is rooted in the concepts of “freedom and responsibility” and emphasizes initiative and leadership alongside community service .

IDC Herzliya is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education and research and the training of future leaders by providing educational programs which combine academic study with practical, hands-on training and encourage innovative thinking. Our faculty is dedicated to IDC Herzliya’s primary goal: giving our students the tools they need to become leaders both in Israel and abroad.

In addition to the aforementioned goals, we are committed to dealing with issues of: Israel’s social & moral agenda; constitutional & governmental reconstruction; economic growth based on a free enterprise system; reevaluation of Israel’s diplomatic strategies and policies and more.

IPgallery IPgallery Smart Safe City and Public Safety solution provides Governments and Cities with the means to monitor vicinities, detect and locate public safety related events, manage rescue teams and the first responders teams, automatically handle situations and control ad-hoc events, unexpected incidents, emergencies and natural disasters situations in the fastest, innovative, holistic and most efficient way.

IPgallery is a software company founded in 2000. We develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) based value added services (VAS) and solutions for governments, cities and Communication Service Providers (CSP). Our solutions portfolio include Smart Cities, Healthcare, Smart & Connected Homes, Transportations and more. We address the 21st century challenge by offering rich IoT functionality with unmatched performance, fast response time, flexible scalability and high-availability.

Strategically, IPgallery cooperates with leading system integrators, hardware, device and sensor vendors adding a powerful component to our solutions, enabling smooth integration into the new and existing IP network topology and distributed cloud, allowing for fast time to market and scaling up globally.

Israel Electric Corporation

(to be confirmed!)

The Israel Electric Corp is the sole integrated electric utility in the State of Israel, generating, transmitting and distributing substantially all the electricity used in the State. The company has an operation fleet of 300 secure sites, 3000 vehicles, fiber optics networks, Scada-based systems, and more which are essential to the State 24/7.

The Company faces both physical and cyber-attacks daily. These threats – whether from states, activists/hackers, or criminal organizations – pose a considerable challenge to all aspects of IEC’s activities.

Experience at IEC has induced the creation of a unique defense methodology encompassing physical and cyber security and implementing coordinated processes, which include Information Twig, the system of all systems for physical security; the National Cyber Control Center, as the technical operation arm, which oversees all security aspects; and CyberGym as the training arm.

Today, IEC offers these solutions that transcend national and organizational boundaries. As a leader in operating and training in the complex, vulnerable and risky physical and cyber security worlds, IEC can become a partner in building a tailor-made, full-scale physical and cyber defense.

Minerva Labs Minerva introduces a new layer of cyber defense, based on a new, patent pending disruptive paradigm.

A Low Footprint Endpoint Prevention Platform focusing on preventing targeted attacks without the need to detect them first or any other prior knowledge.

Moovex Moovex saves you time, money and frustration by economizing your organization’s transportation logistics.   Organize shuttles, taxis, employee transit, or even school transport for children with special needs with Moovex’s online location monitoring and advanced reporting.

Organizations large and small use us to optimize routes, stops, vehicle sizes and more.

The Application outcome is based on a very smart and extensive Engine that can achieve significant cost reduction in Transportation expenses, average of 20%. Moovex’s Green goals are: Carbon Reduction, Traffic Congestion Reduction, clears Parking space, Gasoline Use Reduction, Time saver. By Using Moovex you can enhance the management for every Transportation aspects. Starting from assigning employees to working shifts through planning and choosing the most efficient travel routes for the organization. it is done based on the Optimal Route, best price and cheapest vehicle on the correct size. The ride can be observed on the map online with details of whom is on the present vehicle.

Sol-chip Sol Chip is a worldwide leading energy harvesting company that offers a unique maintenance-free Everlasting Solar Battery and IoT communication platforms. Sol Chip’s IoT platform provides low power communication module coupled with self-sustaining energy harvesting technology.


ShieldLock ShieldLock,  presenting Nucleon – the next generation of Cyber Threat Intelligence service alerting you to automatically block attacks before they reach your networks. Nucleon uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and a unique methodology to detect and track the most dangerous attacks. By blocking the origin of attacks before they reach your networks, your security measures will be able to block 0 day attacks as well as known attacks. Our unique methodology also alerts about DDoS attacks in near real time allowing to block and handle them more efficiently. Nucleon can be easily installed on any OS and servers.
Telematics Wireless Telematics Wireless is a global leader in the delivery of advanced wireless systems, networks and solutions for the Roadway and Street Lighting Control, Water Resource Management, Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

For the last 18 years, after delivering over 12 million wireless devices operating globally, Telematics Wireless has established itself as a leading solution provider of Energy and Water resource management systems based on wireless technology. Our innovative solutions support a wide spectrum of applications for many aspects of our daily life, contributing to the efficiency, reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness.


Verint Systems Verint Security Intelligence Solutions help government and commercial organizations around the globe protect people and property, and assets; enhance public safety; and neutralize terror and crime. Our solutions generate Actionable Intelligence through the analysis of voice, video, and unstructured text. This intelligence enables security professionals and first responders to take a more comprehensive, effective approach to gathering intelligence, managing security operations, optimizing emergency management, and improving safety and security.

Our Security Intelligence solutions include:

·         Cyber Security—comprehensive threat protection solutions designed to detect, investigate, and neutralize advanced cyber attacks.

·         Communications Intelligence—end-to-end solutions that help law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and other government agencies neutralize terrorism and crime

·         Situational Awareness—integrated solutions that combine physical security and intelligence to better anticipate and respond to security threats.