security en hlsMeeting growing security needs in a rapidly digitising and globalising world

With the increase in new technologies (think of the extensive development of the cloud, mobile, unmanned vehicles and IoT -all of which are vulnerable to security breaches-) the demand for information and physical security products will only increase.

How can we respond to the growing security needs in our rapidly digitising and globalising world? The answer to this question can be found at the HLS & Cyber event The Economic Department at The Embassy of Israel is organizing on June 22 2017. The event will take place in Rotterdam and  will be looking at the latest trends and developments in cyber and physical security.

HLS & Cyber is targeted towards security decision makers from key sectors such as finance, healthcare, IT, energy, agriculture and government. The goal of this event is to share capabilities with allies and partners.

The Netherlands has positioned itself to become a front-runner in cyber security and is stimulating horizontal collaborations between companies from different sectors (e.g. logistics, energy and finance). The recent security assessment report published annually by the National Cyber Security Centre concludes that the Dutch sector has been experiencing digital threats, which could cause negative pressure on the competitive position of the Netherlands.

As a world-leading technology provider, Israel’s security is founded on innovative technologies, operationally proven methodologies and comprehensive training and qualification of human resources. The solutions provided by Israeli companies are often customized and balanced to meet specific customer requirements. These solutions rely on extensive operational experience in countering terror and management of emergencies, gained through years of cooperation with government agencies.

Meet and engage with Israeli (cyber) security companies and learn from each other’s experience at HLS&Cyber on June 22.  Interested in the Israeli participants? Please have a look at our catalogue and request your meetings by sending us an e-mail.

Main topics

  • Cyber (IT & OT)
  • Physical/Homeland Security (HLS)

Program 8:30-17:00


  • Welcome
  • Opening words
  • Keynotes
    •  Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol
    •  René de Vries, Harbourmaster Port of Rotterdam
    • Mena Bacharach, former Brig. Gen. of the Israeli Security Service
    • Tal Steinherz, CTO of the Israel National Cyber Bureau
  • B2B meetings

Interested to participate? Contact us for more information on the program and participants.