Triple-T, a subsidiary of the Water Fund Investment Group Ltd. specializes in the design, construction, operation and consulting of wastewater treatment plants, with an emphasis on innovative technologies.

Triple-T’s patented TAYA technology exemplifies this mission statement by achieving high performance wastewater treatment at the lowest operation cost of any technology on the market.

TAYA is a biological treatment process, based on the filling and draining of subsurface flow basins to achieve passive aeration. This process is enhanced by Triple-T’s proprietary pumping arrangement, engineered for maximum efficiency in operation. The TAYA system has the following benefits:

  • High strength treatment; 90% reduction of BOD, COD, Total-N, etc.
  • Low energy requirement; 15-20% of activated sludge.
  • Low labor & maintenance requirement, a weekly visit only.
  • Minimum secondary sludge production.

TAYA’s pumping arrangement maximizes the use of gravity during operation to minimize power consumption without limiting the oxygen supply.

The pumping design also provides flexibility to handle variable effluent and hydraulic loads.

Triple-T is seeking to introduce its agricultural wastewater solution for nitrogen removal to the Dutch market (e.g. dairy and cattle farms and piggeries). For an overview of projects realised in Italy and Chile take a look at Triple T’s website.

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