Save the date for WATEC 2019 which be held for the first time in the David Intercontinental, Tel Aviv on November 18-21.  

This year events will have a new format which includes a four-day conference (Water Week) that will focus on water management, with WATEC 2019 as the main event. The program will include workshops, round-tables and panel discussions with much interaction from all participants. Moreover, this year program will hold an Investor Summit – “CleanVest”, that will bring together investors, entrepreneurs, technology providers, users, consumers and integrators in the water sector.

Speaking in terms of water, take a sip from:
• Interactive experience with water technology ingenuity.
• The start- up culture – meet the people behind the ideas.
• Networking and brainstorming on water issues and technologies as they develop.
• Meet the next-generation of water developers.
• True water technology development (Digital Water; Water Urbanization; Innovation as a Policy and Innovative Policy Making; Women and Water Industry; Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations; Water Pricing; Water Ownership; The war over water from different sectors, Water Security and much more).

WATEC 2019 will mark an exciting departure from previous conventions. We are joining forces with the Israeli Ministry of Economy, Israel New Tech, Manufacturers Association, and Israel Export Institute to bring you Water Week – four days of international and local focus on water management, with WATEC 2019 featuring proudly as the flagship event. Sessions will incorporate workshops, round-tables and panel discussions with much interaction from all participants.

This year we are introducing a first-of-a-kind interactive display area, to showcase the latest developments and technologies: Digital Water; Solutions 3600 and Mainstream.

The uniqueness of this year’s Watec is the focus on innovation in the water sector both from the technologies aspect as well as the water management aspect. The Israeli companies exhibiting and the conference itself will be innovation oriented. The seminars and workshops will be practical, interactive and “hands on”.

Join Us at WATECTake a sip from where water breakthroughs happen!

Interested to participate and receive updates on WATEC 2019? Send us an e-mail referring to WATEC2019.