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Israel’s CES 2020 Pavilion Will Showcase 22 Innovative Start-Ups

Israel’s CES 2020 Pavilion Will Showcase 22 Innovative Start-Ups Still going strong after more than half a century, the annual CES convention has been celebrating and showcasing the latest consumer electronics innovations since the industry’s
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How Israel is Driving Innovation in Consumer Goods Technology

How Israel Is Driving Innovation in Consumer Goods Technology   Technology is sparking innovation across all walks of life and the consumer goods sector is no exception. From health and beauty, to food, to ecommerce,
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Combating Global Food Waste

category: Consumer goods, Food
An estimated one-third all food produced globally goes to waste. Simply cutting the 1.3 billion tons of annual food waste in half would be enough to feed one billion people. Accordingly, reducing food
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Jovella 2019

Jovella 2019 is the leading event of the Jewelry Industry in Israel that offers both domestic and foreign visitors an opportunity to view fresh and trendy designs in jewelry. JOVELLA 2019 exhibits diamond, gold, silver
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Israeli Ingenuity Taking Center Stage at CES 2019

For more than 50 years, the annual CES convention – formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show – has been a showcase of all the latest innovations, devices and gadgets, and a mainstay of the
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Een toast op de Israëlische wijnindustrie

category: Consumer goods, Wine
Het oude Israël wordt beschouwd als ‘de wieg van de wijnstokken en wijnen’. Zo’n 5000 jaar na de eerste initiatieven op het gebied van de wijnbouw ontstaat in 1882 de moderne Israëlische wijnindustrie.  Sindsdien hebben
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