Bemoedigende resultaten voor Israëlische export in 2020

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Ministerie van Economie en Industrie: Bemoedigende resultaten voor Israëlische export in 2020 – de negatieve voorspellingen kwamen niet uit en export daalde minder dan verwacht (Opgesteld door de vertegenwoordiger van het ministerie van Economie en
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Het aanbreken van een nieuw hoofdstuk in de wereldgeschiedenis

Te midden van de gezondheidscrisis die de wereld in 2020 trof, brak een nieuwe dageraad aan halverwege het jaar 2020. De eerste Arabisch-Israëlische vredesovereenkomst in 26 jaar werd ondertekend tussen Israël, de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
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SMEs in the time of Corona

SMBs Are Struggling Amid COVID-19, But Israeli Tech Can Help

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, countries across the globe are grappling not only with a once-in-a-century public health challenge, but also with a sharp economic downturn – and small and medium businesses (SMBs) are uniquely vulnerable.
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Economic mission Israel with Minister Kaag

Do you want to do business in Israel, collaborate with knowledge institutions, or have you had a business relationship with local partners for years and would you like to stay in touch with them? Do you
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Leading Big Breakthroughs in 3D Printing

The Economist has dubbed 3D printing the “third industrial revolution,” given the breakthroughs that the technology will enable – in manufacturing, construction, medicine, nutrition, and many other fields. While 3D printing dates originally to
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Developments and trends in Israeli exports

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In 2017 global trade, which stagnated in the last few years, recorded a significant improvement. Overall in 2017, global trade leaped from a growth rate of 2.2% to an impressive 5.1%. This trend is expected
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Israel Notches Its Highest-Ever Credit Rating from S&P

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Steeped with religious, political, and natural history, Israel is famed for its profound connections to the human past, while the economic dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit of the Startup Nation are sources of inspiration for the
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