Health Science

De sporttechnologie-industrie in Israël

Israël is niet een land dat in het bijzonder bekend staat om haar successen in competitieve sport, maar haar technologische vooruitstrevendheid helpt het land zich neer te zetten als de Silicon Valley van sporttechnologieën. Aangedreven
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Vooruitstrevende Israëlische bedrijven binnen de E-Health sector

  Vorige week werden 5 Israëlische bedrijven vermeld in de tweede jaarlijkse Digital Health 150 ranglijst van het in New York gevestigde onderzoeksbureau CB Insights. De lijst bevat de 150 meest veelbelovende particuliere digitale
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Vier Israëlische vrouwen ontvangen de ‘European Women in Tech’ prijs

Het Israëlische tech-ecosysteem geniet een uitstekende reputatie. Het wordt beschouwd als creatief, innovatief en aantrekkelijk voor het internationale publiek. Daarom is het geen verrassing dat Israëlische bedrijven worden erkend door de internationale tech-gemeenschap. Deze week
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Sprouting a new beginning with innovative Health Technologies

Ever since the coronavirus came to light, there seems to be no other topic to talk about. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the economy to deteriorate at a faster rate
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Cloud Adoption Accelerates in Post Covid-19

“Who led the digital transformation of your company: The CEO, CTO or Covid-19?”  There is a grain of truth in that joke, as we seek for some humor given perhaps, during the worst global crisis
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The World of Medicine is Changing

Tell me what you’d say if you woke up one morning, weren’t feeling well, looked into your smartphone camera for under a minute and an app confirmed you were sick and instantly messaged your workplace
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As the World Plans COVID-19 Exit Strategies, Israeli Tech Can Help

As the World Plans COVID-19 Exit Strategies, Israeli Tech Can Help After two months of lockdowns to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, countries across the globe are beginning to implement phased exit strategies
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SMEs in the time of Corona

How Israeli Technology Can Help the World Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic

How Israeli Technology Can Help the World Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic The coronavirus pandemic has strained healthcare systems and battered economies worldwide. While the duration and scale of the outbreak remain to be determined,
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Understanding the Brain: Research and Technology in Israel

In the past few years, Israel has seen an exponential growth in scientific research and technological developments aimed at understanding and enhancing the human experience via brain research. Thanks to the proliferation of virtually free
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Israel – the Beating Pulse of Digital Health Innovation

Combine a thriving tech ecosystem and a national healthcare system renowned as one of the world’s most efficient and digitally savvy, and what do you get? Israel’s vibrant digital health sector – home to
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