Hoe de Start-upnatie de lichten aan houdt

Als u de toekomst van oorlogvoering wilt zien, kijk dan naar Oekraïne. Twee dagen voor Kerst 2015 zorgde een enorme cyberaanval op een elektriciteitscentrale in West-Oekraïne ervoor dat 250.000 mensen in de regio zonder stroom
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How Israel Secured Its Position as a Global Cyber Leader

How Israel Secured Its Position as a Global Cyber Leader The arrival of 5G is paving the way for an increasingly connected world, with digital solutions infiltrating almost every aspect of daily life. From
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“Future Security” Will Showcase Technologies Making the World Safer, September 9-11, 2019

As Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies transform entire industries by unlocking new insights, efficiency and business value, they are also making a big impact in the security realm. Advances in computer vision, geo-location, intelligence
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How Israel Became a Cybersecurity Superpower

Cyber-security incidents dominated business headlines for much of 2018, as a diverse range of legacy and digital brands including Marriott, British Airways, Facebook, Google, and MyHeritage grappled with the fallout of high-profile data breaches. Such
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Cyber Security MeetUp: New threats – modern solutions made in Israel

Cyber Security MeetUp New threats – modern solutions made in Israel Location: Amsterdam Date: 15 May 2019, Time: 8:30-19:00 Israel is a cyber security superpower. The Israeli cyber security industry is recognized as a hotbed
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Tech for Good: How Israeli Innovation Is Improving the World

Israel’s ingenuity and unyielding pursuit of innovation have made the nation an international high-tech hub, catapulting the country to global leadership in diverse sectors like cybersecurity, digital health, drone technology, and mobility. But Israel’s vibrant
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Israeli Innovation Making Waves at Slush 2018 Convention

Israeli ingenuity is at the forefront of global innovation, with Israeli companies pioneering advanced solutions in fields including cybersecurity, digital health, mobility and smart transportation, automotive, Fintech, and agricultural technology. Given the Startup Nation’s status
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Startup Your Engines: How Israel Is Driving Global Auto-Tech Innovation

With no domestic automotive manufacturing industry, Israel would never be mistaken for a Detroit on the Mediterranean. But that hasn’t stopped this small country from becoming a global hub of auto-tech innovation. Home to
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70 years, 100 innovative products: How Israel enriches the world

Situated on only 22,000 square kilometers — a bit less land than the state of New Jersey — Israel has long had an outsized impact on the global stage. Recently ranked as the eighth-most
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Baanbrekende cybersecurity-oplossingen voor kritieke infrastructuur

Het is geen geheim dat toenemende cyberbeveiligingsbedreigingen de veiligheid van nationale kritieke infrastructuursystemen zoals energiecentrales,  waterreservoirs tot en met spoorwegsystemen in gevaar brengen – met alle gevolgen van dien voor de nationale veiligheid, economische veiligheid en volksgezondheid.
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