Hoe de Start-upnatie de lichten aan houdt

Als u de toekomst van oorlogvoering wilt zien, kijk dan naar Oekraïne. Twee dagen voor Kerst 2015 zorgde een enorme cyberaanval op een elektriciteitscentrale in West-Oekraïne ervoor dat 250.000 mensen in de regio zonder stroom
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Sprouting a new beginning with innovative Health Technologies

Ever since the coronavirus came to light, there seems to be no other topic to talk about. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the economy to deteriorate at a faster rate
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Industry 4.0 – Required more than ever post Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is only the latest in a series of challenges that manufacturing has faced. The current crisis will only hasten our journey towards Industry 4.0 – focused on productivity, cost reduction, faster time
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Israeli National Pavilion Showcases 76 Innovative Companies at MWC 2020

Israeli National Pavilion Showcases 76 Innovative Companies at MWC 2020 As more than 100,000 thought leaders, tech executives, and industry influencers prepare for MWC in Barcelona from Feb. 24th-27th, they can look forward to
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Economic mission Israel with Minister Kaag

Do you want to do business in Israel, collaborate with knowledge institutions, or have you had a business relationship with local partners for years and would you like to stay in touch with them? Do you
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SLUSH Helsinki 2019

Slush 2019 Convention Showcasing Leading Israeli Innovators   As an innovative powerhouse that’s pioneered game-changing solutions in fields as diverse as agriculture and cybersecurity (and everything in between), Israel has done far more than nurture
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Innovative Tech Energizes the Insurance Industry

Israel’s vibrant tech sector is injecting new life into an industry rarely seen as exciting—insurance. Digital innovation has cleared the path for upstart Israeli InsurTechs to enliven the industry with bold, new ideas. Legacy insurance
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PwC-Startup Nation Central Report Explores Israel’s Multinational Innovation Ecosystem

With well over 6,000 startups and high-tech companies, Israel embodies the idea that for bold innovators and dynamic problem-solvers seeking to drive human ingenuity forward, if you will it, it is no dream. The State
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