Come and visit us at SLUSH 2018 in Helsinki 4-5 December 2018

Planning to attend SLUSH 2018 in Helsinki and looking to invest in innovative and cutting edge technologies? Then plan a visit to our pavilion and check out our participants. For a more detailed one-page-overview of our companies please view our PDF catalogue.

  • Ayayu Games: VR- MAN – connecting actual action figures to VR. Control your favourite action figure and fly around a city landscape or fight off enemies.
  • Bllush Visuals – software that matches fashion and design e-commerce brands with product images sourced from a pool of user-generated photos. Increase engagement and conversion rates.
  • Cyabra protects brands and public organisations against disinformation attacks.
  • DoublX – drag and drop platform for creating content and websites adapted to VR spectacles, received funding to develop new product: live stream VR. Uses of this feature include live broadcasting of shows, health, and security.
  • GigaSpaces Technologies – In-memory Computing Platform: in-memory computing software platform that processes data and apps in real time. Use cases: fraud detection, risk management & analysis, e-trading, dynamic pricing (airlines).
  • Edgybees: intends to bring its existing AR technology to other platforms and to enter new verticals such as defense, smart cities, automotive and broadcast media.
  • KonnecTo: provides analysis of customers’ interactions with brands at every touchpoint and translates that information into actionable insights that can save time and money.
  • NanoScent – scent recognition technology based on AI – Nanoscent has the ability to detect multiple types of odours simultaneously. Use case: detecting pollution in e.g. ports and registering ships’ emissions. Read here an article on the consumer version and other use cases.
  • SmarterTV: personalized viewing of live video. Aimed at providing engaging interactive viewing experience.
  • Sonarax is redefining the way devices authenticate via contactless ultrasonic solutions, all devices can talk with each other over sonic interface.
  • The Elegant Monkeys – AI for emotion monitoring and detecting of human stress.
  • The Perspective is a contextual platform allowing users to simultanously explore two sides of any story they are reading on any publisher’s site. The widget comes with a built in ad inventory offering publishers a new venture stream.