That was the main message in the 2014 Ministerial Council Statement, signed by the Finance Ministers of the OECD member countries during the Ministerial Meeting (MCM 2014) two weeks ago.

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Similar to the last few ministerial meetings, the recovery from the global economic crisis was still the main preoccupation of the ministers participating in the 2014 MCM. As such, they agreed to take action to make their economies more inclusive and resilient. They agreed that issues such as growing inequality, environmental distortions and rebuilding the public trust in the government have to be tackled in order to achieve more robust and inclusive growth.

During the MCM the members and few other emerging economies signed several important declarations that aim to promote and facilitate global co-operation and provide the OECD the mandate to continue its work on issues such as: inequality, gender gap, skills, GVC, development strategy, innovation strategy and more. They encouraged the OECD to continue working on the NAEC initiative, while also incorporating it into its main activities.

Read the full list of initiatives, the ministers have decided to adopt, in the 2014 Ministerial Council Statement.