What We Do

The Trade, Industry and Labor Affairs Division of the Delegation provides policy analysis and information to the headquarters at the Capital, based on the work of the OECD. Working with other Member countries, the office ensures the decisions taken by the OECD reflect the priorities of the Government in general and the Ministry in particular. Part of our responsibilities is to make sure that the research done at the OECD is effectively disseminated and shared throughout respective Ministry’s departments as well as other government agencies, the public and other interested stakeholders.

Among the roles of the Economic Attaché at the OECD

  • Reporting from the OECD’s committees and Work Parties
  • Researching for background material and interesting projects that are relevant to the Ministry’s work
  • A liaison between the Ministry’s various units and the OECD’s Transverse projects
  • Promoting Israeli positions at the Secretariat and in bilateral channels
  • Identifying suitable peer review projects for Israel
  • Cooperating with other countries’ OECD missions in important topics that are relevant for the Ministry
  • Ongoing reports from the executive functions at the OECD