Logistics plays an important role in the supply chain management of goods across industry sectors. For any business, their clients always demand fast and flawless service. Efficient Logistics management plays a key role in the success of any business as it directly affects its customer relations. According to Allied Market Research, in 2017, the global logistics market was valued at $7,641.20 billion and is projected to reach $12,975.64 billion by 2027.

Startup Nation Central’s report on this industry sector mentions Israel has more than 150 startups that are involved in various aspects of the industry, employing cutting-edge technology to help ensure that goods are delivered swiftly and efficiently. In collaboration with DSV – Global Transport and Logistics, they have created an interactive landscape detailing some of the top up-and-coming innovative companies in the field.


Here are the profiles of some innovative Israeli companies catering to this sector:

Caja Robotics – Caja Robotics uses sophisticated software and robots to quickly implement automation technology in standard warehouses. The system is designed to improve the efficiency of eCommerce retailers who require rapid delivery.


Caja’s solution does not require any preliminary infrastructure. The solution is based on patented bins, which enable a dynamic warehouse structure, and specialized robots.


infiniDome – infiniDome provides front-end cyber solutions that protect wireless communications from jamming attacks. The company’s GPS protection solutions are designed to defend the GPS systems at the heart of drones and other unmanned systems, vehicle fleets, critical networks, and defense applications.


infiniDomes patented anti-jamming technology is deployed through the company’s worldwide network of partners and distributors.


Loginno – Loginno partners with shipping companies to convert container fleets into IoT-enabled fleets that mine cargo and voyage data using a patented low-cost device. Information access is granted through a cloud-based service to carriers, cargo owners, freight forwarders, insurers, customs, and other interested parties.


In 2019, Loginno selected Log-In Logistica Intermodal as a shipping company partner to convert its entire container fleet to smart containers using Loginno’s technology.

Bringg – Bringg is a delivery logistics solution that enables enterprises to efficiently manage their complex delivery operations. Bringg offers real-time logistics capabilities for the delivery ecosystem.

Companies from the retail, grocery, restaurant, consumer goods, logistics, healthcare, and service industries use Bringg’s technology to help streamline their logistical operations for peak efficiency and to create optimal delivery experiences for their customers.

With Bringg, companies can establish successful, cost-effective operations that balance the needs of all of the participants in their delivery ecosystem.


Bringg was named one of the “Cool Vendors in Food Retail: Catering to New Customer Lifestyles, 2020” by the Gartner Research Group.

Highcon Systems – Highcon Systems develops and sells digital cutting and creasing machines for the folding carton industry. Their machines are based on a proprietary technology called Digital Adhesive Rule Technology (DART), which allows for the production of high-quality, complex packaging without the need for traditional dies. This makes it possible for customers to quickly and easily produce new designs, as well as to make changes to existing designs without having to incur the high costs associated with traditional die production.


Their machines are used by some of the world’s leading brands, including Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Procter & Gamble.


AutoFleet – AutoFleet enables fleet managers to become vehicle-as-a-service providers. Using the AutoFleet platform, fleet managers can maximize revenues and margins and increase fleet utilization by aggregating demand, controlling supply, and optimizing rides.


AutoFleet’s platform leverages advanced machine-learning models for real-time demand prediction, automated generation and management of maintenance/servicing tasks, optimized dispatching and routing, and dynamic pricing to help existing fleets become more efficient. The robust and automated routing and dispatch engine allows immediate optimization of delivery/logistics services, passenger trips, and field service operations, all from a single platform.

Freightos – Freightos is a technology company that offers a digital marketplace for international freight shipping. They provide businesses with a platform to compare prices, transit times, and shipping options from multiple freight forwarders, and book and track shipments online. They also offer a suite of tools and services to help businesses manage their freight operations, such as automated shipping rate management, real-time tracking and analytics, and document management.

The company aims to make global trade simpler, more transparent, and more efficient for businesses of all sizes.


The above list of companies provides only a glimpse of the various technologies offered by Israeli companies in the Logistics sector. There are many more companies in Israel in this sector.

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