Paygilant is a digital banking and payment anti-fraud company designed to provide strong fraud prevention, frictionless authentication, and user privacy.

It enables financial, e-commerce organizations to boost their revenue by enhancing the user experience, and preventing fraud before the transaction occurs. Its easy-to-integrate patented technology utilizes six proprietary intelligence sets, which work in harmony to deliver value from day one.


PayKey enables banks, telecommunications companies, and mobile wallets to offer customers the ability to initiate and complete a range of financial services, including peer-to-peer payments, balance checks, credit top-ups, and transfers, from within any mobile app, including social and messaging applications.


Sogur introduces a reserve-backed global digital currency that is supported by experts and is accepted by acclaimed financial institutions. The company operates an algorithmically governed backing reserve designed for reduced volatility.


Payoneer specializes in helping businesses transcend borders, limits, and expectations in today’s digital world. Payoneer gives businesses of all types and sizes access to new economic opportunities by enabling them to transact globally as easily as they do locally.


Melio is on a mission to keep small businesses in business by providing a smart B2B payments solution tailor-made for their needs. Melio’s digital accounts payable and receivable dashboard provides a single, integrated tool that allows small businesses to transfer and receive payments in a faster, easier way, giving oversight and control over cash flow, eliminating late payment costs, and giving businesses back valuable time.


The whole sector is undergoing a rapid transformation worldwide and, with increased investor funding, there is a lot to look to for Israel.