Israel is located in a semi-desert area suffering from a shortage in water. Despite this, the state has managed in conjunctions with the private sector, to maximize its water resources and create a prosperous and green living environment, much like water- rich countries.

For several years, the Israeli Government has been successfully implementing a large scale water desalination program, which combines innovative executive approaches, creative thinking, and advanced technologies. The program has changed the face of the water sector in Israel and has led it to a new era.

Israel has made remarkable achievements in the field of water, including desalination, regular water supply with a quality that is one of the highest in the world, a percentage of reused sewage effluents from the highest in the world, low non-revenue water, and the development of agriculture and water technologies as successful export industries.

The Israeli water sector has undergone a structural and infrastructural transformation that included the establishment of water and sewage corporations with the purpose of improving and properly maintaining the municipal water supply; desalination facilities that are among the largest in the world, and adjusting water supply systems for them; and sewage effluents facilities among the largest in the world, that collect and treat most of Israel’s wastewater so they may be used for agricultural. (Source:

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